Free Scrapbooking Layout Ideas: Gingerbread Page Ideas

These cute gingerbread scrapbooking layouts are fun for winter holiday use, or for any pages with children.


Create a gingerbread page bordered page to show off your baking day.

You will need:

Coordinating background and accent color papers of your choice

Brown paper

Paint pens (white, black, red)


Small 2" gingerbread man template (see below)

Piece of cardboard


To make your small gingerbread man template, simply photocopy a picture of a gingerbread man at a reduced size until it is approximately a half inch to an inch high. Cut it out, place it on cardboard, trace the outline, and cut it out. You now have a gingerbread man template.

Take the brown paper and cut out strips slightly taller than your gingerbread man template. Fold the strip back and forth accordion style, making sure that the width of each section is equal and just a hair under the width of the gingerbread man template.

Place the gingerbread man template on the top section of the "accordion" and trace it. Cut the figure out with scissors, going through all of the sections of paper, leaving the arms attached. You now have a set of gingerbread men paper dolls who are holding hands. Repeat this process with four more strips of brown paper so that you have four strips of paper dolls.

Using the paint pens, decorate the gingerbread men as you would decorate a gingerbread cookie with royal icing, using white for trim, black for eyes, and red for buttons and mouth. Set them aside to dry thoroughly in order to avoid smearing.

When they are dry, use a glue stick to affix a strip of gingerbread men across each edge of your page. Turning them so that all of their heads are facing inward toward the center of the page.

Cut a 1 ½" square out of the brown paper. Slightly round the sharp corners so that it resembles a ginger snap cookie. Using a white paint pen, draw a border around the edges of the square, and a big letter "C" in the middle. Affix it to the upper left corner of the page, and use a paint pen to write the rest of the letters "IS FOR COOKIE."

Your page is now ready for you to mount your favorite baking photos or cookie recipe.


This is a great layout honoring the classic gingerbread man fairytale, for pictures featuring a small child on the go.

You will need:

Brown cardstock

Tan cardstock

Red cardstock

Paint pens (white, black, red)

Red zig-zag border trim

Red letter stickers or die cuts

Gingerbread man cookie cutter



Adhesive- glue stick or photo mounting tape

Photos of a young child on the go

Take the cookie cutter and place it on the brown cardstock. Using the pencil, trace the shape of the cookie cutter onto the brown cardstock. Cut out your gingerbread man with scissors and decorate him using the paint pens like you would decorate a cookie with royal icing. When drawing the eyes, make one "winking," then use red for buttons and a smile, and white for trim. Set the gingerbread man aside and let it dry thoroughly.

Matte your photos on red cardstock. Use the zig-zag red border trim around the edges of the tan cardstock to create the page border.

Arrange the gingerbread man and the photos on the page and affix them. Using the letter stickers or die cuts, Fill in blank spaces with the words, "Can't catch me..!"


The open windows and doors of this cute ginger bread house will frame your winter holiday photos.

You will need:

Brown cardstock

*Die cuts or stickers of candy (candy cane, peppermints, gumdrops)

Paint Pens (white, green, red)

A background paper or cardstock in the color of your choice

White cardstock

Scissors or craft knife

Adhesive- glue stick or photo mounting tape



2" circle template

2" square template

Cut out a house shape as large as your page will accommodate. Simply use a square base and triangular shaped roof to achieve the effect.

Place the square template at the bottom right corner of the house and mark the space. Then, use the circle template at the top of the square so that the top line of the square cuts across the diameter of the circle. Mark it with your pencil. This will create a rounded doorway. Cut it out.

Use the square template and pencil to mark one window to the right of the door, and one or two more windows above the door (depending on the size of your house). Cut them out.

Place your photos underneath the house and arrange them so that the subjects can be seen through the door and windows. Use the glue stick or tape to affix the photos to the back of the house shape. Trim the photo in the door at the bottom so that it is even with the bottom of the house.

Affix the house to your background paper. If you like, use a strip of white cardstock along the bottom to resemble snow.

Use your candy stickers or die cuts, and your paint pens to decorate and add details and trim to your gingerbread house.

* If you cannot find candy stickers or die cuts, create them yourself using red and white striped paper for candy canes and mints, and cut out gumdrop shapes (slightly square, but narrower at the top, with rounded edges) in assorted gumdrop colors, such as red, green, and yellow.

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