Free Scrapbooking Layout Ideas: High School Graduation Themes

High school graduation images should be preserved with vivid color accents, in these free scrapbooking layout ideas.

High school graduation is a time to celebrate and dream big. Traditionally, people referred to high school as the "best years of your life." While this may not be true for you, finally graduating has got to feel good even if you've had a mediocre high school experience. Carefully select images from your high school photo collection and from photos from the day itself that will help you remember the teachers, friends and family who helped you reach this milestone.

If you are not a fan of mushy love songs, you may want to listen to some just to get some ideas for your scrap book pages. Mushy love songs are full of clichéd messages that may be overused but are easily understood and work very well as celebratory themes. Some examples of clichéd but appropriate themes are: Flying High on Eagles Wings, Climbing the Highest Mountain, Friends Forever and Reaching for the Rainbow. Not everyone graduates from high school, so you deserve to pat yourself on the back and bask in the glow of overused idealism. As time passes, you will look back and smile inwardly at your response to one of the first major accomplishments in your life.

In addition to using mush to explain your emotional response, don't be afraid to be realistic about your high school impressions. If you snap a photo of the "Dragon Lady" who was your toughest math teacher, go ahead and build a page around this theme. Perhaps include a few instructors on a page who were difficult. Add some red scribbles and broken rulers. Add accessories that explain your difficulty dealing with these people. You may also want to include a few labels for the people who made your high school years less then heavenly. Art allows for freedom of expression. Although others may be leafing through your scrapbook, include a few pages that honestly reveal your emotional impressions of an experience to help you recall the events in richer detail as time passes.

Devote at least a page to the program and a description of the ceremony and the themes of the speeches. If a famous public official speaks at the ceremony, include some pictures or information about the speaker on a page. Recall the moods of your favorite people. Were your friends happy, sad, nervous or apprehensive about the future? Use color and contrast to reflect the moods of the people you include on your page. Try to include the words that they said to you on this special day. Who wished you luck? Who said something really memorable? Who ignored you? Also include snapshots of the stage and the arena where the event took place. Consider how this setting played a role in your overall impression of the experience. What was the weather like the day you graduated? Was it sunny and warm or rainy and dreary? If the weather played a role in the experience, isn't it worth remembering? Include stickers or cut out little suns, clouds and raindrops as appropriate.

High school graduation is a major life milestone and should be celebrated and preserved as an important memory. Consider the lyrics to dreamy songs to anchor your emotional response to an event. When you commemorate your experience, use a bit of mush to keep your head in the clouds, but when appropriate add a bit of sour commentary to authenticate your response. A bit of reality always adds character. Years later you will appreciate your attempt to honestly capture this very important moment in time.

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