Scrapbooking Techniques

Scrapbooking Techniques. Scrapbooking techniques include the use of a paper trimmer on photos and the use of enhancements like borders and stickers. The first step is organizing and copying your pictures....

The first step is organizing and copying your pictures. In the digital age, I am sure everyone knows the term copying. Basically, if you have strangers in the background of your picture, you can cut them out. I like to use a personal trimmer for that. Copying can also be useful for rounding the corners of your pictures or cutting special shapes. Once you get your pictures mounted, you can start journaling. Take the scrapbook to the park and just start writing. Next, you can do enhancements with borders and stickers. If you need scrapbooking help, don't be afraid to ask. Creative Memory Consultants are easy to find. There are also scrapbooking clubs and websites that you could join. The key to getting started is the mindset that it's not a time consuming activity. My last tip is that you don't try to organize boxes and boxes of old pictures. You'll get discouraged. Start with your most recent and make meaningful captions and journaling.

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