When Do You Get The Script For An Audition?

When do you get the script for an audition? Learn what to do and when to do it! Read about script reading, practicing and when to sign in to an audition. When you walk into an audition there is usually a...

When you walk into an audition there is usually a sign-in sheet to sign. I would ask how early I could come by and get a copy of the sides. The sides are what they call the portion of the script you will read, usually about two pages of dialog. I get the sides as soon as possible and prepare and exercise them, usually out loud working with a partner. At the audition you probably will fill in a size card or an audition card which has all of your measurements on it and has all of your contact information, as well as your agent number. Never put your social security number down, list it as being "on file" or available upon request. You don't want your social security number floating around. When you feel you are prepared, you go to the sign in sheet which is a list of all of the actors who have signed in to audition that day and put your name down, signing for the part you are reading for. Then step outside and continue to work on your sides, don't sit around and talk to other actors unless you are new at it and want to know where they go to get acting lessons. Remember that you are there as a professional and your intention is to be as prepared as possible when you walk in through the casting director's door. When they are ready for you, they will take you in and possibly introduce you to everyone. Shake hands if they seem approachable, be cordial, make eye contact, and if you have any questions about the characters, this is the time to ask them.

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