How To Scrub A Bathtub

You can scrub the bathtub and make it clean and shiny in minutes by planning a few simple steps in advance.

Scouring the bathtub seldom makes its way to the top of anyone's list of favorite things to do. Rather, it seems to be one of those tiresome chores that many people leave for last, citing their uncomfortable bending to wipe the tub, the intense scrubbing motions, and stretching to rinse the entire surface afterward.

To keep your bathtub sparkling and germ-free without expending all your energy, here are a few tips that may help you tackle this unwelcome task:

1. Organize your supplies in advance. Stock up on baking soda or a disinfectant spray like Lysol and keep cleaning supplies in a bathroom or hall closet for ready access. Include a long-handled scrub brush to help you reach the furthest parts of the tub and its borders or feet. You'll probably need a cleaning cloth or two that should be washed each week to keep it ready for the next time it is needed. Store everything together in one section of the closet or cupboard so you won't have to waste time searching hither and yon.

2. First remove all auxiliary items, such as soap, shampoo, washcloths, towels, or hygiene items. Then rinse the tub with warm water to get started. You can use the shower, if you have one, or a cup to drizzle water along the sides and back portions of the tub. Moistening the surfaces will help the cleanser to stick and sink in. You can rinse your cleaning cloth at the same time.

3. Apply your cleanser of choice. Avoid harsh chemical scouring agents, as these can be hard on your lungs and hands, as perhaps damage the tub's finish. Check the instructions on the back of any cleaning agent to be sure it is safe for bathtub use. Coat the tub's surface evenly and lightly, with a little more concentration on tough stains or the usual ring. Allow the cleanser to sit a few minutes while you tend to the rest of the bathroom cleaning chores.

4. Rinse the tub lightly and put on cleaning gloves for your hands if desired. Use your scrub brush to massage cleanser into the tub's surface. Use 6" circles in a counter-clockwise motion if you are right-handed, or the other way if left-handed. Continue making circles around the tub's perimeter and then along its length and sides. Add a few extra motions to the tough spots. This will probably take just a few minutes, especially if you clean the tub every week or so.

5. Now rinse the tub thoroughly. It may take a couple of times to remove all soap and grime residue. Look for any missed spots and catch these with your scrub cloth before rinsing it, along with the faucets, spout, soap dish, and other tub fixtures.

Your bathtub should look clean and fresh. Open a window to air out the room, weather permitting. Rinse your cloth and store the cleaning items, and you are ready to move on to the next task or take a breather.

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