How To Scrub A Bathtub Ring

Bathtub rings can be removed by using an effective cleaner and scrubbing utensils in a consistent, thorough manner on a routine basis.

Cleaning the bathroom is not usually a fun chore for anyone. Scrubbing the tub is one of the reasons why. Many bathtubs retain a basic scum ring around the inside of the tub that is made of dirt and dead skin deposits from the entire family of bathers.

To get rid of the infamous bathtub ring, follow a series of easy, basic steps that can help your tub sparkle:

1. Clean the bathtub on a regular basis. A monthly scrub won't do the job. You probably will need to wash out the bathtub weekly or more often, depending on how many people use it and how well they clean up after each bath. Make the tub scrubbing part of your weekly housecleaning to be sure it gets done. Or assign it to a family member as part of a routine set of chores. That way it is unlikely to get overlooked.

2. First rinse the tub to moisten the bottom and sides. Then sprinkle the entire tub area with a mild but effective abrasive cleaner. A powder like Comet or a spray solution with antibacterial properties is the first step. Allow the cleaning agent to set for a quarter of an hour or so. This lets the soap work by seeping into the dirt and loosening it. Cover the entire tub surface lightly, as there is invisible dirt that settles in a tub along with the traditional bathtub ring.

3. Use a scrub cloth or tub brush to swish the soapy areas around, promoting additional agitation from the abrasive qualities of the cleanser. Rub one section at a time with short, intense strokes, then move on to another section until one by one, you have covered the entire tub area. Work a little harder on the dirtiest places.

4. Rinse the tub thoroughly, using a hose or a deep pan to fill and refill with water to pour over the furthest areas of the tub. You may have to rinse a couple of times to remove all grit and the entire ring. If stains remain, repeat the process. You can also try applying baking soda and letting it set for a half hour or so. This is an effective way to remove dirt and stains. Just be sure not to mix ingredients from various cleaners, so read all directions carefully.

5. Keep the bathtub clean by urging family members to rinse and wipe out the tub after each use. Using a wash or scrub cloth, while the tub is still damp, can help to loosen and rinse away fresh dirt before it has a chance to settle and take hold. Plus, this makes each family member responsible for his or her own dirt and tub use.

Keeping the tub fresh after each use makes the bathroom more usable and fresher for everyone. A clean tub removes germs and keeps bathing a hygienic experience. Store cleaning supplies under the sink or vanity, or in a nearby cupboard, for ready access to whoever uses the bathtub during the week.

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