Sea Shell Craft Wreath

Step-by-step directions on how to make a sea shell craft. If you go to the beach a lot and have a collection of seashells, why not make a sea shell wreath?


sea shells(assorted types and sizes)

straw wreath form(10 or 12 inch)

hot glue gun

glue sticks


starfish and sanddollars

Begin by grouping your shells by size and type. Be sure to use different types of shells, such as scallop, nautilus, etc. You could also use starfish and sanddollars. Shells and such can be purchased at any craft store or find them on the beach. Using a straw wreath form, you will attach the shells to the wreath using the hot glue gun.

Starting at the top of the wreath, attach the larger shells all around the top of the wreath, leaving room for the medium and small size shells. Next, add the medium shells in the same manner. Be sure to use plenty of glue. You may have to put the glue on the perimeter of the shell and/or you could put the glue directly onto the wreath and then press the shell into the glue. Whatever process works better for the type of shells you are using.

After the large and medium shells have been attached, step back from the wreath and note where there are gaps; where you can see the straw wreath. You want to be sure not to see the wreath form under the shells. If you do see any gaps, these are the places you will add the smallest shells. Glue the small shells around the wreath where there are gaps.

You may now accessorize the wreath by adding dried flowers and/or ribbon. A nice touch is to weave a thin ribbon in and around the shells. You could also make a bow with streamers.

Now you have the perfect seashell wreath. Maybe it's a symbol of all the fun you had at the beach or maybe you have a cottage this would be perfect for. The seashell wreath also makes a great gift for the ocean lover.

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