Seasonal Crafts For Kids

Seasonal crafts for kids to do. Wether it be spring, fall, or winter, you can find something fun here!

I can't think of anything I would rather do than spend fun time with my kids. They're bored and what are you gonna do..... I've put together a few fun crafts for spring, fall, and inter that can turn a dull day into a fun and creative day!!!


Make a WINDSOCK for those breezy Spring days.

Here's a list of what you will need:

* 9 x 12 in. light blue construction paper (or light weight poster board)

* 2 tissue paper strips for each color used (green, red, blue, orange, yellow, purple) (You could also use ribbon instead of tissuepaper)

* 24 in. piece of yarn ( any color )

* 2 paper reinforcements

* paper punch

* colored pencils or crayons ( markers may run if the windsock gets wet, if you choose to use markers you could laminate the paper before hanging outside)

* glue or tape

1. Lay the blue paper horizontally; draw and color a spring scene.

2. Turn the paper over, scene side down and glue or tape tissue paper strips to the bottom of the blue paper.

3. Roll paper into a tube and glue the ends together.

4. Punch 2 holes on opposite sides at the top of the tube; place reinforcement around each hole.

5. Tie end of yarn at each hole, hang in a windy place and enjoy!!

If April showers bring May flowers, the why not let the kids decorate their own UMBRELLA.

This is an easy one, all you need is.....

* Child sized umbrella, (plain, colored, no decoration)

* Tubes of acrylic paint (found at any craft store, tubes will be easier to draw with)

Let the kids go with their own imaginations!!!

Spring time is Easter time, why not make some EASTER PLACEMATS

Find the following:

* Old Easter Cards

* Your Child's Easter Drawings

* Easter pics from magazines

* Construction paper or poster board

* Glue

* Laminating sheets

These are great fun, all you need to do is:

1. Cut the poster board to the size of a regular placemat.

2. Let the kids decorate with any kind of Easter related items they choose.

3. Laminate and your ready to use!!


Fall comes and what do the kids think of....... HALLOWEEN!!!

Here's a cute way to decorate the outside of your house. Create a BOO SIGN made out of leaves.

What you need:

* Floral foam

* Leaves; all colors ( do a backyard hunt for different colored leaves and bring them in to dry)

* Low heat glue gun and glue

* Knife

1. Cut individual letters in floral foam to spell BOO. Size depends on you and when you plan to hang them when they are finished.

2. Take a low heat glue gun and glue a variety of colored leaves to cover the entire front and sides of the letters.

And Viola, a cute Halloween sign to hand outside on railing, door or wherever!!

Let's not forget about THANKSGIVING either, you can make PAPER BAG INDIANS .


* a paper grocery bag

* newspapers

* black yarn

* assorted colors of construction paper

* markers or paint

* scissors

* string

* glue or tape

OPTIONAL: Bird feathers

Turn grocery bag inside out . Crumble newspaper and pack inside until half-filled. Tie bag in the center with string.

Let the kids find pictures of Indians to see how they looked and what their symbols and pictures meant.

Draw a face and design on the stuffed portion of bag with paint or markers. You could also cut out features that can be pasted on.

Make a headdress or other head covering out of construction paper and decorate. Attach real bird feathers, found at local craft stores. Or, make feathers out of construction paper, and braids out of black yarn. Tie ends of braids with string, and secure tops under headdress with tape. Tape or paste headdress and hair on top of bag.


Ah winter, my favorite time of the year. There

are TONS of things you can do for the holidays and here are just a few.


You'll need:

* milk carton (pint sized)

* 14 mm wiggle eyes

* twigs

* black permanent marker

* white spray primer

* natural raffia or yarn

* hot glue gun

* ribbon for a bow

* wood tone spray paint

* craft knife

* red glass ball ornament

1. Glue carton shut with hot glue gun. Apply primer, let dry, then wood tone paint (let dry).

2. For the nose, make a hole where nose will go and remove top of glass ornament.

Apply glue to top of ornament and place in hole, then replace top through the inside of the carton.

3. Glue eyes to the carton and draw the mouth and eyebrows. Glue raffia or yarn to the top for hair.

4. Push twigs through the top of the carton for antlers and apply glue to secure.

5. Tie ribbon in a bow and glue for your reindeer's bow tie!!!

Trees are always great , so why not have a KID'S ONLY TREE

* small 2 ft. tree

* construction paper ( Christmas colors)

* popcorn

* Christmas cookie cutters

* needle

* assorted ribbon, beads, sequences

* fishing wire

* modeling clay

* food coloring

* plastic drinking straw

* paint pens

* craft glue

* ribbon for hanging loops

Roll out modeling compound on a board. Cut out shapes with the cookie cutters. Use the straw to make a hole at the top for hanging. Let the kids decorate the ornaments and let them dry completely. If any decorations should fall off take some glue and secure them to the ornament.

You can also use the paint pens to color other decorations too. Take ribbon and make a look through the hole in the decoration for hanging.

Make a paper chain out of construction paper.

Add some food coloring to some water (not too much) and dye some popcorn for a popcorn garland!!!

The most important thing is to have fun!!

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