What Is Seasonal Gardening?

What is seasonal gardening? Many vegetables can be grown in the same garden using these seasonal gardening techniques. When you go to the grocery store you know that during blueberry season you'll find blueberries...

When you go to the grocery store you know that during blueberry season you'll find blueberries and during strawberry season you'll find strawberries. You are going to have basil in the summer but not in the wintertime. We eat the foods that are available at different times of the year.

Your garden depends on your particular climate. Here in Southern Louisiana or along the Gold Coast, sometimes you'll have bell peppers produced until the summer, but you may also want to grow broccoli. You have to make a decision about when you are going to grow one type of crop or another.

Green plants are going to take a lot of nitrogen out of soil, so if your second crop is going to go on to the same bed, it's going to need extra nitrogen for healthy development. When moving from crop A to crop B, you want to make sure that you return nutrients that have been taking out to soil. If you are growing mostly greens like the snap bean, the pole beans, or bush beans, it's important to know that they put nitrogen back into the soil. It would make sense for us to grow lettuce in that bed, because anything green and in the vegetative state of growth most of time needs nitrogen

Right now I have some squash growing with my bell peppers, because peppers grow upright. It's called vertical growing, because I'm using all of the actual surface area of the garden bed. You can do multi-layering which is very important when you are transitioning crops. It prevents you from having to pull up a crop from another crop. Some people want to pull everything out completely and refill, but I am big fan of transitioning the crop.

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