Seasonal Skin Care: Winter Beauty Routine Changes

This article discusses some simple changes a woman can make to her beauty routine to give her skin good care during the winter.

There's no doubt about it: winter is tough on skin. The dry air, wind and cold can make skin feel tender, itchy, tight and miserable. Short of wearing bacon grease on her face all winter, how can a woman change her skin care routine to help combat the winter miseries?

First, a woman needs to look at her cleansing routine. Does she use an astringent? Exfoliate? She needs to think about gentling her routine. Chances are, she will not need to exfoliate as often in the winter, and should use a milder astringent and/or cleanser. Winter weather can cause skin to dry out and become sensitive and itchy. Exfoliating, incidentally, can make the problem worse.

A woman should also look at beginning a regular moisturizing routine. She should actually look for twomoisturizers: one for daytime and one for overnight use. A daytime moisturizer will be light, will allow her to apply makeup over it and will often include sunscreen. The cheeks and under-eye regions seem to take the brunt of cold weather, so applying the moisturizer more liberally over these spots is a good idea.

An overnight moisturizer will be thicker and creamier than its daytime cousin. It is applied after washing the face, while the skin is still a bit damp. An under-eye cream can also be used at this time, as well. Women who have extremely dry skin already may want to consider washing with old-fashioned cold cream, especially if they live in very cold climates.

Women with sensitive skin will notice that it becomes even more touchy in the winter. Therefore, they should look for moisturizers that are especially for sensitive skin. The moisturizers using collodial oatmeal as a key ingredient have become popular and these are excellent for sensitive and/or dry skin, since they usually do not have added dyes or fragrances.

Lips deserve a mention, too. They are often sorely abused in cold weather. A woman should carry lip balm with her at all times, and should wear lipstick that is rich in emollients. Applying a heavy coating of lip balm at bedtime is a good thing to do, as well.

Hands are also exposed in winter. A woman should wear gloves or mittens whenever possible. She should also be on the lookout for cracking or weeping skin, especially on the knuckles. This condition can be remedied with one of the excellent hand creams on the market, for just such circumstances. The age-old bedtime routine of slathering the hands with lotion and then putting on cotton gloves all night is hard to beat for really tormented hands. A woman should also keep a small bottle of hand lotion at her desk or in her purse. If she washes dishes, she can buy a pair of the dishwashing gloves and should try to avoid running hot water over them. Warm is all right, but hot water will dry the skin out further.

Feet should get the same treatment as hands. A woman should wear socks or stockings during the day, and socks or slippers around the house. Putting lotion on the feet will help keep the skin soft, too.

A woman should keep two words in mind for winter skin care: "gentle" and "moisture." If she focuses on being kind to her skin and keeping it hydrated, winters will not be so hard on her epidermis.

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