The All Seasons Wedding Gift: How To Make Your Own

Wondering what to get the couple for their wedding gift? Learn about the new trend in wedding gifts...the All Seasons wedding gift.

Your friend's or family member's wedding is coming up and you have yet to purchase a gift for them. Should you buy them one of the settings they requested through their registry for their china set, should you wing it and buy them an item they did not register for or should you just give them some cash or a gift certificate? When shopping for a couple for their wedding day, we are faced with the dilemma of what that couple actually needs for their new life together. Kitchen items, decorative items, appliances and tools are all things that flash through our minds when faced with the idea of a wedding gift. If you have no idea what to get the couple that has everything (or nothing), why not get them the all seasons wedding gift.

You may be asking yourself, what in the world is an all seasons wedding gift. That's okay. I only heard about it recently, as well, so don't be ashamed if you hadn't caught wind of this new trend. An all seasons wedding gift is comprised of decorative and useful items for each major holiday and season of the year. For example, an all seasons wedding gift may contain a basket full of Christmas ornaments, an Autumn-inspired wreath, Fourth of July yard flags and plastic Jack-O-Lanterns for Halloween. The idea behind the all seasons gift is that a new couple will have registered for almost everything they will need to cook, clean and, essentially, live their new life together with. However, most couples and guests to the wedding will be going the practical route when choosing a gift. This leaves couples decoration-less for all of the major holidays and seasons throughout the year, like Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

When these major holidays and seasons roll around, the couple will usually find themselves scrambling to get decorations and items to celebrate with. Throughout the entire year, this can cost the couple hundreds of dollars. Instead, with an all seasons gift, they will be well on their way to decorating for the different seasons.

The best way to get a couple an all seasons wedding gift is to form an interested group of family members, friends or office colleagues to chip in and shop for the various items. It would be pretty costly in both time and money for one single person to shop around and buy all of these different types of gifts. Once you have a group of willing participants, assign different holidays or seasons to different people.

Although not always possible, it is best to begin searching and shopping for an all seasons wedding gift as soon as the wedding day is announced. Usually this allows the guests months if not an entire year to find the different gifts. What is good about this large allotment of time is that you can hit the different post-holiday sales and get many of the items on clearance. For example, if you want great prices for, say, Christmas decorations, start shopping for them the week after Christmas. All of the items will have their prices drastically reduced to get the items out of inventory. If shopping this far in advance is not possible, there are several places online where you can find all kinds of holiday decor all year long.

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