Secret Hand Signs That Mean Peace

With movies such as "Tomb Raider" and "National Treasure," books like the "Harry Potter" series, and the success of Greek organizations on college campuses, people might be inspired to create secret societies of their own. Creating a secret society could mean creating secret symbols. In order to create a secret symbol for the word "peace," you must know the common and secret symbols (both contemporary and ancient) for the word.

Reasons for Signs

Organizations that use secret hand signs include secret societies, fraternities, and sororities. These signs don't only communicate a message, they communicate membership in an organization. Don't try to copy the hand signals of secret societies and Greek organizations, as this could signify disrespect, according to Eastern Carolina University's Office of Student Affairs. Instead, base your hand sign on existent signs for peace or create a new one for your organization.

The "V"

The most common hand sign for peace (making it a little less than secret) is the V-sign, where the user holds up the first two fingers of the hand, and holds down the other fingers, creating a V shape. In America, the V-sign typically means "peace," though it has different meanings in different cultures. In Britain, signers flash the sign palm out (like Americans) or palm in, and use the sign "as a gesture of abuse or contempt," according to the "Oxford Pocket Dictionary of Current English." Adapt the V-sign for use with your secret organization, turning it into a V-handshake or even creating a V in a different way, such as with the last two fingers instead of the first two.

Sign Language

Base your secret hand sign for peace on the American Sign Language word for "peace." According to "Handspeak," an ASL dictionary, the sign for "peace" begins with the palm of the right hand placed on top of the palm of the left hand and hands laid flat, with the right backhand on top. In one continuous motion, rotate the hands together. Continue this motion until you mirror the starting position, with the left hand on top and the right hand underneath then pull the hands apart, palms facing downward.

Secret Societies

Secret societies use hand signs, which signify membership and communicate important and esoteric messages. According to the Ephesians 5:11 website, certain handshakes of the Freemasons work to bind together brothers, to signify membership and to indicate peace and goodwill between members. Some of these handshakes are called Boaz, Shibboleth and Jachin.

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