Secret Valentine Ideas

Sending a secret valentine can be fun and rewarding, especially if you are creative and choose your card or gift carefully.

It's Valentine's Day and there is someone you like or at least admire a great deal. You wish to recognize that person's significance in your life, without experiencing embarrassment or fear of rejection. Maybe you are hoping for a connection to this other person, but want to test the situation a little before you put yourself out on a limb directly. Or perhaps you have been in a long term relationship that has become predictable and your significant other could use a little excitement. If you fit into any of these categories, you may be a candidate to give a "secret valentine".

The combination of romance and mystery is irresistible. Receiving a valentine that tells you that the sender cares about you but leaves you guessing about his or her identity, leaves you just happy and frustrated enough to take more notice of the world around you. If you wish to send a valentine to someone without revealing your identity, here are some suggestions to assist in your cupid ways.

First of all, be careful of your selection of a secret valentine gift and card, especially if you don't know the recipient well. You do not want to send anything that will frighten the receiver or send the message of a commitment when they discover who the sender is. For example, don't send a message anonymously to someone saying that you love her and will die without her. That will cause the person to hire a private eye. What you want is something subtle, slightly titillating, which will cause curiosity and will show your cleverness.

A valentine card is always a nice gesture for a secret valentine. If you wish to leave the card on the recipient's desk at work, that is okay. Do not, however, leave an unsigned card under the door of his or residence or in their mailbox. That type of delivery may be too personal and a little frightening to the recipient. Mailing the card is a better option than delivering it anonymously. It is better yet, if you can mail the card from another zip code so that the cancellation stamp on the envelope can add even another layer of mystery. The card should be something sweet, but not over- powering. Something like "Valentine's Day is made for someone like you. Thanks for making the world a nicer place to be" or "You are a valentine to me all year round" or "You may not know how I feel about you, but I think you are very special".

If you have questions about what the wording should be, a good rule of thumb is to remember what type of card you would have sent to a boy or girl you really liked in the fourth or fifth grade. If you could send the card you are considering under those circumstances, you can send it anonymously as an adult without putting the secret object of your affection on red alert.

Signatures of a secret valentine are also important. You want to convey sincerity, but you don't want to sound crazy or like a stalker. Do write on the card; don't send it without any personalization. Write something like, "Thank you for making the world a better place", "I care about you", "you are wonderful", or, if you don't intend to stay secret forever and you are quite certain that the receiver will be open to getting to know you even better, you could sign it something like "if you would like to know who sent this to you, dial (your telephone number)", or "if you would like to know who has admired you from afar, go to (restaurant name) and ask the maitre de to seat you at the table next to the piano" (give date, time, address).

Sending small gifts anonymously is also fun to do. Don't send food items, however, that are not in sealed packages. Remember, the receiver won't know who sent the items and may be leery of anything that seems risky. It is a nice touch to have a bottle of wine or champagne delivered with an accompanying valentine card. The delivery of a single perfect red rose in a crystal vase is a nice touch from a secret valentine, with a note which says "to someone who is even more beautiful/handsome than this rose". Do not send expensive jewelry or any expensive item unless you wish to identify yourself with the gift. Also, if you do not have a committed relationship with this person all ready, an expensive gift will backfire on you. The object of your affection may get nervous over what he or she perceives as a commitment if they accept a gift of any magnitude.

Writing an original poem and sending it to your valentine is also a good gift to give secretly. Writing from the heart, yet keeping in mind that the person receiving it will be cautious if it is too serious, are key to a successful secret valentine poem. Adding touches of humor helps the receiver enjoy the gift more. After all, people with a good sense of humor are not usually people you have to be afraid of. You can convey a message of romantic interest and keep the tone light in the same message. For example, "It isn't easy to be shy around you and yet want to get to know you better at the same time. I feel a little like a hummingbird with one wing. My heart beats rapidly but I can't seem to get anywhere" or "You are special. I knew that from the first time I met you. You are the kind of person who makes others want to make more of their lives, be better to others, love with all of their heart. Now if you could only cause me to gain courage, this wouldn't have to be a secret valentine."

If you and your secret valentine have a mutual friend you can trust to keep your secret, you have many more possibilities in the secret valentine arena. Get your mutual friend to make deliveries of items that you couldn't otherwise send anonymously. Having the friend present it removes some of the fear that may have been attached to it previously. You can, for example, have the friend deliver one ticket to a concert or theater production in a valentine card. Of course, you will have the ticket to the seat next to it. The secret will be out of the bag on the night of the performance, but that is okay. Secret valentines are only fun temporarily. The purpose is eventually, when the time is right, to divulge your identity.

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