Are Security Cameras For Indoor Or Outdoor Monitoring?

Are security cameras for indoor or outdoor monitoring? Security cameras can be used for outdoor monitoring by a VCR or indoors as a baby monitor. Most of the systems that you buy at the retail level will...

Most of the systems that you buy at the retail level will handle anywhere from 1-4 cameras and are typically for outdoor scenarios. Cameras can be color or black and white. Color is much more expensive and is basically used to interface with a VCR so that you can record the pictures at a certain rate. If the consumer is looking for 10 cameras, they should go right to an organization that specializes in the installation of camera systems.

There are also simple indoor systems for monitoring a child's bedroom. There are any number of systems available that will include the camera and the monitor, and they might be portable enough that mom can carry the monitor around with her to plug into various rooms. If she wants to monitor her children from different places around the house, she has the ability to do that.

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