How Do Security System Companies Provide 24-Hour Protection?

Now, more of a necessity than a choice, find out how a security system can protect your home 24 hours a day by reading this article now!

In order to help protect themselves, their families, their homes, and their properties, many homeowners have chosen to hire a security company. And, for good reason too! Statistics show that a prospective robber breaks into a home every fifteen seconds! And, the statistics also show that homes that don't have security systems are ten times more likely to be broken into!

Besides theft, security systems also monitor and help protect your home from damaging fires.

If you choose to purchase a security system to help protect your home, you'll most likely need to sign a contract. Then, the company will install its monitoring system. Systems vary, but usually there will be a main control box located on the wall beside a few exit doors. There will also be contacts on the windows and the doors. The control boxes are the "brains" of the system. They will be connected to your phone line and programmed to call the company's main base. In these phone calls, your identifying information- your account number and the nature of the problem- will be transmitted to the main base.

At the company's base, a dispatcher then collects the information when it comes in. He or she then calls your house to verify the information they have received. If a robber is reported, the dispatcher will call your local police department. If the emergency is a fire, the dispatcher will call the fire department, and so on.

If, by chance, the call to the security company was a false alarm, hopefully you or a member of your family will be home to advise the dispatcher of the situation. If there's no answer at your home, the dispatcher then calls the first person on your contact list. If there's no answer there, he or she then proceeds on down the list until they are able to contact someone.

False alarms are often caused by people forgetting to shut the security alarm off when they enter your home. Sometimes, the alarm can just malfunction on its own too.

The security system can work remarkably well by monitoring your home twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year. Of course, the system only works while it's turned on. This is usually when you're away from home or when you and your family are home in bed.

When it comes to protection from theft, some security plans offer equipment that monitors any movement that takes place in your home. Other plans monitor the doors and windows. That is, an alarm goes off if the system detects any opening of a window or a door. Therefore, if you have the latter, then the system can be on while you and your family move around inside your home.

And, of course, the security company has shifts of trained dispatchers who are on duty around the clock. These alert individuals are trained to treat every call as if it were a matter of life and death. They respond quickly and professionally to every alarm that comes into the base.

Besides protecting you, your family, and your home, a security system may also earn you a discount on your home owner's insurance policy.

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