How To Self Publish A How To Book

Learn how to self publish a how to book: take an idea and turn it into a self-help manual.

Do you have a vast knowledge of something? Is there a book waiting to get out? Have you been told that you know so much that you should teach a class? Have you found yourself just spewing out advice every chance that you can get? If the answer is yes, it's time to write a book.

If you feel that you don't have the proper English writing skills to publish a good quality how to manual, don't fret. There are tons of Ghost Writers available to lend you a helping hand. In the mean time, let's talk shop. The following is a step by step guide to self-publishing:

1. Find a topic that you know a lot about and jot down all the things you know.

2. Prepare an outline from the noted you have jotted down.

3. Expand on your outline by writing topic related paragraphs that seem to follow some type of order. This is where you will begin to organize your thoughts and put them in such an order that someone can follow your directions and accomplish the task or tasks that you have set out before them. Think of it as following a recipe and waiting for the final product to come out of the oven.

4. Once you have your paragraphs written, type them using a 12 font. Use the grammar and spell check on your document to make sure that the best possible copy has been written.

5. Purchase a newsletter program such as Publisher 98 and copy and paste your written words into Publisher 98. Once the words have been inserted, you can add logos, pictures, graphs and more.

6. Apply for a Copyright from the US Office of Copyright. You will be asked to send in a completed draft of your work along with a check. Once the office receives your check, they will issue you a library number.

7. You can now head on down to your local printer and have copies of your manual made up. This is where the real expense comes in so make sure that you have looked into all possible options before you agree to a printer's fee. Printing fees can be anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000, up-front. Don't have that kind of money? Don't worry. Just head on down to your local Kinkos or Staples Copy Center and have them make copies of your book, bind them with a spiral bind and a front and back cover. A 63 one-sided book will cost $8 per book, but you can have them made on an as needed basis.

8. Once you have this prepared, head on over to the internet. You can find many FREE websites, that you can build yourself. Place an eye-catching advertisement on the web, along with an excerpt of your book and a table of contents. Give them your email address and a PO Box to send cashier's checks to or sign up with a credit card server (often as low as 1.9% transaction fee).

9. Go on over to the search engines, and place your web-site out there for others to see.

10. Now look for websites that relate to your how to manual and ask if they would be willing to reciprocate a link exchange.

11. You can also improve the sells of your manual by performing speaking engagements. After your speech has been given, go to the back of the room and wait for sales to come in.

12. You can even call up local bookstores, and stores across the nation and promote your book.

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