Is Self Sufficient Living For You?

Do you desire self sufficient living? Are you healthy enough? Can you grow and farm your own food? Are you ready to live on a self sufficent farm?

Escaping the rat-race of today's society can sound like paradise. No more alarm clocks to knock you into action. No more peak hour traffic to contend with in the morning. No more stressful workloads (that seem to have nothing to do with the meaning of life) in the air-conditioned office. To escape from such a lifestyle, many people dream of living a self-sufficient lifestyle, where your closest neighbour is a horse or a cow in the paddock up the road. But is a self-sufficient lifestyle suited for you?

Before you should consider your financial situation you should examine your health first. If you have no back problems then your body probably won't have any problems with planting seedlings and digging trenches for weeks on end. Unless, of course, your arthritis in your knees or your hands start to play up. Residents of self-sufficient farms usually live quite a large distance away from towns (more for financial reasons) where the closest doctor's practice is located. If you are considering joining them, then your health should play a major part in your choice of lifestyle change. If you are unfit, you may argue that you will get fitter in the country side with fresh air to breathe and good food to eat. This may be true to an extent, but your current fitness level is associated with problems you could face such as heart failure and high blood pressure. If your heart is set on this new lifestyle, then I suggest you get fit and healthy before you make your move.

Taking a closer look at your financial matters is a must if you plan to move to a farm. In times of drought you may have to buy extra food for your livestock, or you may have to purchase water for yourself. Write up a budget and calculate how much money you can put aside to live off alone. If you have enough spare money for 4 years then there is a chance you will survive the financial hardships of self-sufficiency.

Self-sufficiency does sound like paradise. With beautiful country air to wake up to each morning, and with the sight of neighbouring hills surrounding the horizon, I doubt there is a person who has not considered this lifestyle. If this is so, then why are there so many people living in the city? Why is it such a dramatic change in a person's life to live a self-sufficient lifestyle? The answers lie with how we live now, and how it is difficult to adjust to change. Before you make the major move try to change the way you live in the city. Don't use any electrical lights for a month. Try using candles or small lanterns. Cook all your meals on a barbecue or over a small fire in your backyard. Can you live without a refrigerator? Don't watch any television for a month and don't touch the computer either. You may argue that the house you will be purchasing will have solar power to provide you with electricity, but how will you cope on cloudy days when your solar power batteries need to be regenerated, or there is not enough power available to run your computer as well as a lamp?

Self-sufficiency also includes the growing of your own food. It is relaxing to have a vegetable patch. If your garden doesn't grow you can always purchase your food from the shops up the road. Not on your self-sufficient farm! You have to depend on nature to survive. If all goes well, after you have spent weeks preparing the soil and germinating seedlings, and your garden does look like it is going to be a success, you have to watch out for the natives. Besides fruit fly and snails, you will also have to keep away rabbits, possums and kangaroos, so you can consume some of this food for yourself. Do you have a good supply of water nearby? Do you have materials to build fences? Shade cloth will be necessary in the hotter climates if you expect anything to grow in summer time.

When winter comes closer a good supply of firewood is needed. You won't have the benefits of being able to simply flick a switch to turn on a heater. Your firewood will be used for cooking, heating water, and keeping yourself warm. Does the property you plan to purchase have a vast supply of firewood or will you have to dig into your savings to purchase it?

True self-sufficiency means you depend on yourself alone. You have to place your trust in the hands of nature if you plan to live on a farm. Storms and hail stones could mean the end of your fruit and vegetable supply. Drought can stand in the way of the existence of a cow to supply you with milk. The city life does supply you with a lot of stress, and to many people this can be a life style choice that affects their health. But a self-sufficiency life style contains a different type of stress. Everything that depends on the success of this lifestyle also depends on you.

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