How to Sell Business Cards

By Alan Kirk

  • Overview

    Business cards are used by many different companies and individuals for different purposes. They are used to share contact information, and for networking. Business cards are also used as a form of advertising. Some individuals even use their business cards to enter drawings for free meals or other prizes. All of these uses create a need for business cards.
    • Step 1

      Create samples of varying types of business cards. Make sure you create cards with graphics for a variety of business types. Produce cards in traditional styles, as well as others with vibrant colors and business-specific graphics.
    • Step 2

      Laminate several sheets of business card. Create binders with these laminated samples to show interested clients.

    • Step 3

      Create a Web page or advertise your services on a free advertising website like Craigslist. There is no charges to advertise on Craigslist and you will have a chance to reach both individuals and businesses.
    • Step 4

      Advertise in local newspapers if the cost is not prohibitive. In many cities throughout the country, there are newspapers that offer free advertising to individuals offering to sell items.
    • Step 5

      Call the smaller businesses in your area. These are businesses that are less likely to be able to produce their own business cards or have an existing contract with a business card company.
    • Step 6

      Benchmark against your competition. Search on the Internet, Craigslist, in newspapers and on Ebay to find out about your competitors. Find out about pricing, even if it means posing as an interested customer. Once you have researched pricing margins, make adjustments accordingly. When you visit potential clients, bring a price sheet indicating the prices you offer as well as the pricing of local competitors.
    • Step 7

      Develop long term agreements. Follow up with your customers after their first purchase from you. If they are happy with the purchase, ask them to sign up on a agreement to use you as their business card producer. Offer a discount for any company that is willing to do this.
    • Skill: Moderately Challenging
    • Tip: After each transaction, encourage your clients to suggest your services to other companies or individuals they know. To encourage sales, offer bonuses to customers who refer others to your company. A discount such as five or ten percent is sufficient.
    • Warning:
    • Always check back with a customer after a purchase. If someone is unhappy with the product, offer to correct it if doing so is not cost prohibitive. Remember that negative word of mouth can be extremely damaging.

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