How To Sell Your Own House

Here are some hints on how to sell your own house.

So you are going to try to sell your home: I have a few suggestions.

First of all keep your home as uncluttered and neat and clean as possible as you never know when the real estate agent will call and say he is bringing over prospective buyers.

Say you have listed the house or plan to list. I would like to suggest the following:

Wall and Ceilings: Check them for cracks and holes, especially in plaster walls and ceilings.

The seams in the wallboard should be invisible and smooth. Check to make certain you have no water damage: if so, it is time to repair.

Floors: If you have hardwood floors at times they are of high value, others prefer carpet. Check out the floors in your home, are they in repair, make sure the carpet is clean and vacuumed at all times. Check the floors that need to be cleaned or waxes, have them always looking their best.

Attic: If you can get into the attic make sure there are no water leaks or signs of rodents. Check the rafters to make sure there is no dark wood, especially around the chimney vent or vent areas. Check out the insulation also to make sure it is correctly in place. A lot of prospective

buyers want to climb into the attic.

Roof: Check out the roof, make sure there are no loose shingles or that none are worn or curling especially around the corners: if there are problems get out that roofer and correct.

Electrical System: The prospective buyers may require an electrical inspection, make sure all electrical outlets, etc. are in proper working order if not call out that electrician beforehand.

Heating & Cooling System: Are these units in excellent working condition, if not have them repaired as surely the prospective buyers will check these units out.

Hot Water Heater: Is your hot water heater working properly, if not you might want to replace.

Plumbing: Is the plumbing all in excellent working order, if not you'll want these items repaired.

Let's now go outdoors, is the lawn mowed, are the shrubs pruned, are the flower beds all tidy and neat, these items plus the overall condition of your home and perhaps garage on the outside make a first impression on the prospective buyers, make sure all are in tip top shape.

I do hope these suggestions will help you in obtaining a very quick selling time on someone purchasing your home.

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