How to Sell or Rent a Timeshare Without Investing

By Heidi Braley

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    If you want to take a vacation for a week in an apartment rather than a hotel room, a good option to check out is renting a timeshare. Of course, people are always willing to sell you timeshares but that involves investing your money. Renting is a way to try out the timeshare with no further obligations and no further investments. There are plenty of people willing to rent out their timeshare for a week.
    How to Sell or Rent a Timeshare Without Investing
    • Step 1

      Find a few timeshare websites and select which area you would like to rent. Several are listed below for your convenience. Typically you will be asked what country, state and city you wish to search in. Then you can further filter your searches by number of bedrooms, travel dates and price. Play around with it a bit to see what is out there and if it fits within your budget and schedule.
    • Step 2

      Send in an inquiry on the property. They will ask you to fill out a short form including your name, phone number and how much you offer to rent the timeshare for for. There is no need to offer what they suggest if you would like to pay less. Many times, the owners are glad to get someone to use their time slot, even if they do not get the full price they have requested.

    • Step 3

      Wait until you hear back from the owner or the agency managing the timeshare if they have accepted your offer or want a new offer. If your terms are accepted, then great--you have a vacation coming. If not, go back and try again with another rental timeshare. There are several options available and if one does not work, keep looking.
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