How to Send a Free Fax Online

By Jacqueline Thomas

  • Overview

    With Internet faxing, a user does not need a traditional fax machine. Documents can be scanned or created on the computer and sent to either a traditional fax machine or an email address. Because of its growing popularity, Internet faxing is easy to use and widely available.
    How to Send a Free Fax Online
  • Fax Zero

  • Step 1

    Go to Fax Zero's website.
  • Step 2

    Enter in your sender and receiver information. You must enter a valid email address to complete the fax process.
  • Step 3

    Choose a file. It must be either a .doc or a .pdf file. If you just want to send a quick text file, type in the box provided. You will not be able to do both, however. Enter a the confirmation code that is randomly generated.
  • Step 4

    Choose the "Free Fax" option at the bottom of the page. When choosing this option, you accept the terms of agreement with Free Fax. This means you acknowledge your fax will have advertisement on the cover page.

  • Step 5

    Check your email. You should shortly receive an email from FaxZero Support. Make sure to check your spam mail, just in case your email program automatically filed it in the wrong folder. Click on the link contained in the email. Your fax should be sent promptly.
  • Step 6

    Check your email again for a confirmation email, showing that your fax has been sent.
  • Free Fax

    • Step 1

      Go to Free Fax's website. This site will allow you to send international faxes.
    • Step 2

      Click on the "Fax Now" button.
    • Step 3

      Enter in your email and the recipient's fax number. Type your fax message. Unlike Fax Zero, Free Fax does not allow attachments. Press "Send."
    • Step 4

      Check your email for confirmation that the fax was sent.
    • Skill: Easy
    • Ingredients:
    • Computer
    • Internet
    • Document needing to be faxed
    • Receiver fax number
    • Email Address
    • Tip: Some Internet faxing sites offer only inbound or outbound faxes, exclusively.
    • Warning:
    • Companies that offer free Internet faxing do so by placing advertisements on the cover page, or first sheet of the fax. If sending a business fax, this can be viewed as unprofessional, or even thrown away as a junk fax.
    • Don't send free Internet faxes containing sensitive information, as it could be compromised.
    • Some companies offer free faxes for a trial period, but require a credit card. Always research a company before giving them your credit card information.

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