Where To Get Help For Senior Citizens

Advice and information for seniors and their caregivers on the best places to find assistance in their area for particular circumstances concerning older Americans.

In today's society, due to healthier life styles and modern medicine, Americans are living longer. The population of Senior Citizens is growing yearly and is expected to continue growing. Though this trend is one of "Good News" for all of us, there comes with this news the realization that we need to prepare for our extended lives and for the lives of our aging friends and family members.

In many cases, elderly people and their families don't know where to turn for assistance in times of crisis or in finding help for routine daily tasks that a person may no longer be able to perform by themselves.

Across the United States there are many agencies that can be of assistance to Senior Citizens and their families. Many of these agencies can be located in the yellow pages under the heading of "Social Services" or if you know the exact name of the agency you may find the listing in your local white pages.

Another avenue to assist in finding a particular agency is through the use of the Internet. Besides the Internet white and yellow pages, there are many search engines that can provide you with specific information on services and links to the web sites of these services.

Locally, The Department of Aging and other direction services may be listed under various names in your telephone directory in any state in the country. These agencies provide general information, referrals, and services specifically for seniors and information on various types of nursing care.

Local government, the United Way, the Council of Churches, and other groups in your area may provide "Community Resource Directories" for a nominal cost and are worth their weight in gold. Local directories are the best resource for finding the best agencies to meet your particular needs in the area where you live. Services such as the "United Way" also offer a referral service, which provides the name, address and phone number of a specific agency to assist you in dealing with a specific problem.

One such group for older Americans is the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). They can provide information for seniors to assist them in living lives of dignity and purpose. The AARP is also a wonderful resource for family and caregivers of older persons dedicated to answering questions and concerns via literature. They can be contacted by mail at: AARP, 601 E Street, NW, Washington, DC 20049.

Home delivery meal services such as "Meals on Wheels" are designed to deliver meals at a moderate cost to older persons or those with disabilities. They are listed in your local directory.

FSA, Family Services America, is a non-profit association. One of their areas of expertise is assisting families in solving complex problems of elder care. They provide counseling, support groups and other specialized services for seniors. To find the nearest location call FSA at 414-359-1040.

Children of Aging Parents, (CAPS) is a national resource for caregivers, developing a network of support groups, workshops and seminars. They offer advice and informational literature designed to educate the public on the needs of the elderly and their caregivers. For additional information you may contact them at: CAPS, 1609 Woodbournee Road, Suite 302A, Levittown, PA 19057.

Adult Day Care Centers provide as a recreational and social outlet for older persons or persons with disabilities. Many provide daily meals for participants. Day Care Centers may be sponsored by the Federal government, churches, public and volunteer groups in your area.

Another resource for seniors who served in the military would be the Veteran Services Division, a division of the Veterans Administration. They can provide information on eligibility of benefits and offer referrals to other agencies in your vacinity.

Growing older doesn't need to be difficult nor a burden. There are ways of living an easier fuller life even with disabilities and financial limitations. These resources were created to assist each of us in our times of need. Let's utilize these gifts in order to live our lives to their greatest capacities.

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