Do You Have A Sensitive Child

Is your child very sensitive, perhaps I can help.

If your child is sensitive this isn't necessarily a bad thing: I have a few thoughts on this that might help.

First of all, parents should respect and accept a child and his temperament: it takes a lifetime to be able to handle relationships as we all well know. Sometimes children are having conflicts with other children outside the home because of problems in the home, so think about that very carefully. Think about your family, are you comfortable with the actions of family members? If there is a problem then discuss it and change it in the home.

Sometimes a child of, say, 7, is sensitive and doesn't hide his feelings and when a neighborhood child upsets him you are all upset and so is your child. Naturally you need to find out what has happened and try to talk with the other parents and settle this if the child is being picked on.

You might sit down with the child and tell him that he might try to learn to protect himself by not being as open as he is at times. When he gets out in the world we all know that it is necessary to be able to hide a little of our feelings at times.

It also takes a very strong person to show his feelings and this shows a parent that their child has a very big heart. A thought might be to tell the child to save those tears for a really big important time, that the child down the street being mean just isn't that important as he has

other friends with whom he can play.

Try to explain also that other children can just be mean sometimes and by teasing they feel more powerful, or perhaps they are jealous of him, these actions from other children do happen. It is hard to explain to a seven year old that it isn't other people's actions that can be a problem... it is our actions when confronted that count. Explain that he has the power to say that he doesn't like

this person and to walk away and play with another person who isn't mean or a bully.

Encourage your child to pick friends who are nice and don't pick and fight, show him ones that you see are being taught by parents to respect one another.

Above all try to keep family relationships as an example, if one family member picks on the other or is a bully then the child learns to be more sensitive in his own home.

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