What Separates Hand Painted Tile From Ordinary Decorative Tile?

What separates hand painted tile from ordinary decorative tile? It is unique and no one else will ever have the same tile. You can have absolutely any subject matter that you want and any colors. They are...

You can have absolutely any subject matter that you want and any colors. They are works of art, really. They are paintings which happen to be on tiles. So that makes them special. The way that I work to build-up relationships with the clients is I show them a series of designs, sketches, and some samples that I do beforehand to make sure that it is exactly what the customer wants for their home. My clients will stay with the tiles for a long time. They can always be sure that nobody else is going to have tiles like that. It is their choice and nobody else can go into a store and buy the same thing. It is like investing in a work of art.

Q: What inspired your interest in hand painted ceramic tiles?

My original training was in fashion design. I found ceramics very inspirational to my work as a fashion designer. Then, I just became so interested in ceramics that I wanted to do that myself as a career. Then, I married a potter. That has helped as well. In terms of things that inspire me with my work, I am very inspired by artists such as Picasso and Monet and early twentieth century artists. I'm interested in artists who are associated with ceramics as well as painting. My work is influenced and inspired through them. I have studied many artists. I also get inspired by all sorts of things around me; nature, just looking at things, good scenery, and animals. I have four cats, and they are very inspirational. Now I have children. I get inspired by illustrations in children's books. They give me inspiration for designs.

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