How to Set a Remote Control for Direct TV

By Contributing Writer

  • Overview

    Nothing is more frustrating than having a different remote control for every electronic device you own. Fortunately, Direct TV offers a remote with its satellite packages that can be set to control nearly any device and any brand.
    • Step 1

      Turn on your TV. The channel it is set to does not matter.
    • Step 2

      Press the "TV" button on your remote's keypad. Now press and hold down the "SETUP" button until the "TV" button is no longer glowing red.
    • Step 3

      On the remote's keypad, press 9-9-1 and make sure the "TV" button blinks red two times. Then, point the remote toward your television set and alternate pressing the "TV" and "POWER" buttons until your television goes off. When this happens, hit "SETUP" again so your remote will remember the correct code.
    • Step 4

      Repeat the previous steps for all other items you'd like to program to the remote, only instead of using the "TV" button, use the button that corresponds with the correct item.
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