How Do You Set Up And Decorate A Party Tent?

How do you set up and decorate a party tent? It will vary from company to company. The party tent arrives. Your party is just hours away. You look out into your yard or party site and it is laden with excess...

The party tent arrives. Your party is just hours away. You look out into your yard or party site and it is laden with excess canvas, poles and lots of foreign looking contraptions. Stop! Don't panic. The very best of the party planning process is yet to come.

Keith Kratz is the owner/operator of Grand Central Party Rental in Nashville, Tennessee. Prior to starting his party rental company, Krantz spent 23 years working in international sales. He is a pro at alleviating party panic.

"All the party rental companies are going to set the tents up," he says. "The main reason for this is because of the insurance requirements."

Party hosts can now relax a little more, and concentrate on the actual job at hand,decorating that professionally erected party tent. As per the arrangements previously made with the party rental company, it is quite likely that some of those responsibilities will fall on the shoulders of the employees,while others are left to the host and his or her friends and family. This is the most fun part, however. This is where the real creativity comes into play.

"Here at my company,Grand Central Party Rental,we actually do some of the decorating," Keith Krantz says. "We set up lighting, hang chandeliers, and hook up electrical cords. We also set up tables, chairs and party linens."

Krantz notes that these arrangements must be made prior to the day of set up, and that extra fees are generally incurred for these types of services.

Weddings are sometimes set up a little differently. This is one occasion where the party rental company employees are often ushered away once they've completed the mandatory insurance regulation duties, like setting up the actual tent.

"A lot of the brides prefer to do or orchestrate much of the decorating themselves for their own weddings," Krantz adds.

This becomes a project that has also undoubtedly been planned for well in advance of the actual wedding day. Color schemes have been chosen and probably dozens of bags of party supplies sit nearby, awaiting the official decorating fiesta to begin.

Many brides and their bridal parties and families actual create a party in itself out of the tent decorating. Food is often served (as well as the occasional beverage!) and music and laughter round out the festivities. The bride's plan for decorating the party tent is followed and before long the party tent is transformed from plain canvas or nylon into an oasis of elegance. It is truly amazing to see what can happen to the plainest of party rental tents when imagination and creativity prevail.

Decorating a party tent needn't be an expensive venture. Simple party supplies like crepe paper, balloons and flowers,real, dried or even plastic,can transform a party rental tent into a magical haven. Check dollar stores and discount art supply stores for sales on items to decorate the party tent. And keep in mind that less is sometimes more. A few well placed, colorful decorations can speak volumes when artfully selected and displayed. And don't forgot that old adage that does in fact apply to the art of decorating,what goes up must come down! Remember what will face you,or the party rental employees,when it comes to taking down the party tent and its decorations!

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