How To Settle In A New Home After The Move?

How to settle in a new home after the move? Staying well planned will make the transition into a new home easier for everyone involved. The first day in a new home may seem chaotic but with some pre-planning,...

The first day in a new home may seem chaotic but with some pre-planning, settling into your new residence will be much more efficient. Mayflower Transit has some tips to keep things running smoothly.

During Delivery

Try to keep children occupied with some activity out of the line of traffic. Have coloring books or other toys readily available to fill the children's time while the movers are bringing items into the home. If you have met your new neighbors and their families, see if there are any children that your child can play with during this time.
If you have a pet, put it in an isolated room with food, water and bedding. Post a note reminding everybody to keep the door shut; otherwise, your pet could get injured or even lost.
When the moving van pulls up to your new home, the crew will be ready to go. Take the movers on a tour through the house, showing them where certain items will go. Put a note on the doors of rooms, so the mover's can match your marked boxes up with the correct place.
As the movers begin to take your furniture and boxes off the truck, check off each item on the Inventory (or Packing List) as it's unloaded and be sure to note any damage or missing items. Once everything has been moved in, go over the Inventory with the movers to make sure both parties are in agreement.

Once the movers have left, don't be overwhelmed! Remember, it takes a while to settle into a new home. Begin by opening boxes that you will need first, such as ones that contain necessities like paper towels, trash bags and light bulbs.

Put a trash bag in every room, so packing materials can be discarded as you go.

Start with tasks that need to be done right away, such as hanging up your shower curtain and unpacking your toiletries. Take care of the bathroom and kitchen first, and then move on to the bedrooms and living spaces to make things easier. If you have children, you may want to help them make their beds and begin unpacking their rooms first to give them a smoother transition into the new atmosphere.

If you've packed curtains, hang them in the bedroom windows to give you privacy.

Let your pet begin exploring the new home, room by room, but make sure all outside doors and windows are closed. Don't let it out without a leash until you've checked your yard for hidden exits such as holes dug under the fence or spaces where a post is missing.

Make dinner easy on the first night. Check your local telephone directory for restaurants that will deliver.

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