No Sew Costumes For Kids

Here are some ideas on how to make fast, easy, and virtually no sew costumes for your kids.

The school year is filled with opportunities for children to wear costumes. Of course,there is Halloween, but also Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, President's Day, Spring and Easter are other times children might need seasonal costumes. But what if you don't sew well and can't afford to buy a professionally made costume? Here are some ideas on how to make fast, easy, and virtually no sew costumes for your kids.

Thrift shops are wonderful places to find clothing that can be used for children's costumes.


Most have an assortment of gowns which can be cut down and turned into princess or fairy dresses. You don't need to be a seamstress to sew a hem but if you really hate to sew, you can buy iron on tape at a fabric store. You iron this on the right side of the gown, turn the hem under and iron it on the inside to seal the hem. If the rest of the dress is too big for your girl, use scarves to tie a waist. Neckline too plunging? Have your daughter wear a blouse underneath. Make the outfit even fancier by adding a little netting as a veil. No sewing required. Gather the veil at one end, secure with a rubber band, and cover with ribbon, then pin to your child's hair.

You want wings to turn your precious girl into a fairy or angel? Buy poster board. Fold the poster board in half. Make a simple heart. With a hole puncher put two holes in the middle of the cardboard wings. Make a harness by threading ribbon through the holes and then over the child's shoulders. If you want your wings more lacey, glue on lace or lace fabric. If you want your wings sparkly, glue on sparkles. If you want your wings shiny, cover with aluminum foil.



Salvation Army clothing: boy's suit type jacket, black turtle neck sweater, suit type pants and dark glasses (if it is during the day). Finish this off with some faux gold chains, and a chocolate cigar.


Old bridesmaid or prom dress? Shorten the hem, add lots of jewelry, white gloves, make-up, big hat, sprinkle glitter in her hair, and add sunglasses, if it's during the day.


White T-shirt or sweatshirt and pants. Paint lots of black spots on shirt and pants. White face paint with black spots and black nose. Headband with dog ears, and a cardboard bone on a chain around child's neck.


Got a leftover cape from last year's Dracula costume? Make a new monster this year. Add a green face with black around eyes, or paint one side of face white for a phantom look. Add plastic spiders and worms. Glue to cape and/or attach to face and hair with tape or water soluble glue.

Pair of Dice

Two friends together? Make dice with two cardboard boxes. Make holes for head and arms. Paint box white and add black dots on all sides.

Bugs Bunny

Grey sweatshirt and sweatpants, face paint with whiskers and white nose, headband with rabbit ears and Carrot.

Sky Kid

Wrap kid in blue sheet, and add cut-out stars, crescent moons, and suns to sheet. Color his face with blue face paint and give him a pillowcase hat - or a puffy cloud made out of cotton balls.



It is possible to make cute costumes from crepe paper. For a ballerina cut a double piece wide enough for the waist. Put a hole in each end and threat a ribbon there to tie this on. Then measure from the waist to the knee and cut several layers of crepe to that size making sure you cut 4 times the width you need. Then pleat this and attach each pleat by stapling it to the waist band. When you are done you can cut a scallop hem and fluff up. The child wears a leotard underneath and the crepe paper skirt over it.

You can also make capes for boys and girls from crepe paper.


Cut a double band of crepe paper and measure for the neck. Cut holes on both side and attach with ribbon.

Measure the child from neck to knees and cut layers of crepe paper to that length.(red or orange) Cut the width two times the width of the child.

Measure another band to go around the legs, but allow plenty of room for walking.

Attach the body crepe paper to the neck band and the leg band. Use staple. Rather than staple the back closed and risk the costume tearing, put holes on both sides at even intervals and attach with ribbon. With the costume on the child stuff with crumpled up newspaper.

From green crepe paper cut out a leaf pattern. Again, be sure to several layers for strength. Then attach this to the child's hair with hair pins or put a hole in each side and tie on with ribbon.

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