Sewing A Beanbag Chair

Sew your own beanbag chair, advice about what kind of fabric should be used, the measurements, and the material for the filling.

If you want a beanbag chair, you could buy one for about 30 dollars, and it would be a size and color that you didn't customize. If you hired a seamstress to do the job, it would be even more costly. So why not make your own? It's actually very easy and fun to do this.

First, look around the area where you want the beanbag chair to be. Then pick a color that would fit into this area very well. Probably you have a certain size for your bean bag chair in mind. The height is probably pretty much the same for all beanbag chairs; about 50 - 60 cm tall. This is perfect since when you buy fabric it is about 130 cm wide, and you could just split this and get 65 cm, so you have a bit of space left for a seam. The size of your beanbag chair can be anything between 50 - 130 cm in the square. Pick whatever size you want, multiply it by four, and add 40 cm for the seams. That is the amount of fabric you will need.

Now go to the fabric store and pick out your color. The material should not be too thin since you want your beanbag chair to last a certain amount of time before it outlives its use. Generally, the thicker the fabric, the better. Also try to look for a fabric which isn't very elastic since you don't want the chair to grow on the inside and remain at the same side inside, which means it would just get more uncomfortable with time. Anyway, the best kind of store to buy your fabric cheaply is Wal-Mart, or Fabricland. If you have a lot of time before you complete the beanbag chair I recommend going to Wal-Mart every 1-2 weeks to check on their $1.99 bin since it changes constantly, and since we don't need a large amount of fabric. If you do this you will get an awesome deal.

Now that you have the fabric, it is time to pick the thread. Again, the cheapest places for thread are Wal-Mart and Zellers. If you have never picked out thread before, ask the assistance from the sales person. The thread should be a tiny bit lighter then the basic tone of the fabric, and sturdy. You will need a 100-yard spool.

To cut out the fabric, use very sharp scissors, and when cutting, don't close the scissors all the way. Just close then up to the last cm of the scissors, then move them up to the next cut. That way you will have a smooth edge in the fabric. You should first cut off one quarter of the fabric for the top, one quarter for the bottom, and split the remaining part lengthwise for around. Now you will have to make a seam around all the pieces. For the top and bottom parts, choose the zigzag pattern on your sowing machine, and fold a 5cm seam for this part. Then sow once around all the edges. For the long pieces, on the long sides make a 5cm seam, but for the short sides make the seam only as small as possible, about 0.5 cm wide. Then change your stitch to a straight one, and sow the long pieces together, putting the short two sides together. Make sure you sow on the ugly side of the fabric so the front will not have seams showing and other stuff. Now you will have 2 square pieces of fabric (top and bottom of your beanbag chair) with a seam all around the sides, and one extra long piece of fabric, which will go around the sides.

Now take the square part of your fabric (either top or bottom) and pin the long fabric all around the sides. Put the nice side of the fabric against the other nice side, and sow those parts together. Then do the same thing with the other square piece of fabric. When you are finished there should still be a hole where the narrow piece of fabric has the ends meeting. You can sow in from both sides about 10cm, leaving a space for putting in the filling. Now turn the bag inside out, and if you did everything right up to now, you should have one nice bag with a hole where you can put the stuffing.

The stuffing can be obtained from your local post office, where you can just ask for the Styrofoam they use for stuffing breakable boxes, or from any store which has breakable merchandise. This is the great part about your beanbag chair, it is very inexpensive to make since those places give you that stuffing for free - its like garbage for them! Now fill up your beanbag chair until it is as stuffed as you desire it, and then sow up the last part of the bag. You can do this by had if you want to make it look extra nice. Voila! You have your own custom-made beanbag chair.

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