Sewing A Cell Phone Pocket On Your Shorts

Storing a cell phone in a shorts pocket can be frustrating. The answer is to sew a pocket onto the shorts yourself.

Cell phones have made it possible for us to never be out of touch. However, it is not always easy to find a place to stash our cell phone, especially if we need to travel light, without a purse, briefcase or bag of some kind. Or when we are wearing casual, workout or simple clothing. What to do with a cell phone when we are wearing a pair of denim shorts and a simple top? It is not a good idea to shove our cell phone into one of the pockets that are usually a part of shorts. The pockets are located on the front and/or back and it can be uncomfortable to put a cell phone in one of them. In other cases, some denim shorts have no pockets whatsoever, or they are so small a cell phone would not fit anyway. It makes sense to sew a pocket sized just right for our cell phone onto our shorts. It is easy and very inexpensive. The best place is on the side, below the hip and midway between the top and bottom of the shorts.

You will need several items for this project. The first is some fabric of your choice. This is a great opportunity to express yourself. You can pick anything from matching denim to a funky fabric that fits your personality. Just make sure to pick a heavier fabric. Don't buy anything that is not machine washable or is very lightweight. You will want it to stand up well to repeated washings and use. Purchase about 1/3 of a yard so you will have plenty of extra fabric should you need it. You will also need some fusible interfacing and an iron, Velcro or snaps to close the pocket, matching thread, and a sewing machine.

Using your shorts and cell phone as a guide, decide how large you want the pocket to be. Then add 1/4-1/2" inch on three sides and an inch and a half on the fourth side. Cut out the pocket from the fabric. Cut another piece of fabric the same width as your pocket but long enough to be folded over for a flap to close the pocket and secure the cell phone. Lay it wrong side down and cut a piece of fusible interfacing the same size. Iron it to the wrong size of the fabric until it is fused and then trim any excess edges of interfacing. With the iron, fold the three short edges ¼" to 1/2 " against the wrong side and iron them down to create a creased fold. Start at one side and go around the three edges, overlapping the corners neatly.

With the top edge of the pocket, fold a very small edge over to the wrong side, maybe 1/8" and sew it down. Now fold this finished edge down, wrong sides together, so that it is level with the finished sides and sew a seam across this. This finishes the pocket and gives the top extra structure.

Place the pocket right side up on the shorts and pin it into place. Sew the three outside edges under with a small ¼" seam to the shorts.

With the flap material, cut fusible interfacing and fuse it to the fabric. Fold the raw edge over on itself about ¼" and sew it down. Fold the flap on itself double so that no interfacing is showing. Make a seam at the doubled edge. Placing it above the pocket on the sorts, sew it at the top edge to the shorts; making sure that it will overlap the open edge of the pocket.

At the point where the flap overlaps the pocket, sew a piece of Velcro or several snaps by hand to the backside of the flap and to the front side of the pocket. Now you have a functional pocket to store your cell phone that is attractive and secure.

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