Sewing A Hem

Sewing a hem on a dress is easy. Learn how in some easy steps.

Do you have dresses that need hemming? Here is how to go about altering that dress from long to short in no time at all! If the dress is long, you will need to pin it to the length that you desire. After pinning, cut the excess material off.

Using bias hemming tape, which you can buy in a discount store or fabric store, run the tape along the bottom of the dress to meet the raw hemline. The tape comes in a satin finish and also cotton to compliment the material of your dress. If your dress is cotton, use the cotton bias tape. If the dress is wool or polyester blends, use the satin bias tape.

Sew the tape to the bottom of the dress, using the same color thread as the dress. Do not use a basting stitch when doing so.

Then using slip stitching, go along the bottom of the dress, sewing the hem to the dress. When finished, use a cloth handkerchief and soak it in water and wring it out. Place the wet handkerchief over the hem and using a warm iron, iron the hem. This presses the hem and lets it lie flat. Do not use an extremely hot iron on any material. Doing so can burn the fabric.

If you have a short dress that you need hemmed, just sew the bias tape in the color of the dress to the bottom and then sew. There is no need to cut any material off the bottom of the dress. Never sew the hem with a sewing machine directly. You will be able to see the stitching on the outside of the dress. Always use slipstitching. Make sure the stitching is tight, that no loops of thread hang down from the bottom of the dress. This would look unsightly. Although you can't see it, if you took your dress to the drycleaners, the thread might get caught and rip out the hem.

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