Sexual Abuse Survivor: Growth And Recovery Through Journaling

My story of sexual abuse recovery and personal growth, achieved through journaling.

The merits of journalling are myriad and incomperable as a means of recovering the creative self... that spark of pure clarity and dream like intuition that often elludes us in our day to days.

It can be a means of purging, a place of release, a whimsy box; a dreamkeeper...what have you.

Through suffering depression and sexual abuse, as well as undergoing years of therapy and bouts of creative stalemate, I can honestly state that journalling has enabled me to grow. Through it I have maintained a vital correspondance with self which after years of practice has born the fruits of an entire manuscript. I earnestly feel that whatever one is faced with, the act of daily putting pen to page regardless of how one feels has a way of enabling a certain release as well as helping one to see their own life cycles in retrospect; striking on guideposts to intuition that will serve to foster growth and enable new means of thinking heretofor uncovered. Life bears its thorns as well as its buds. One must uncover what it is that presses them on, that ellusive drive that wakes us and stirs us to serve and go on.

These treasures are uncovered when the facades are laid bare. Recovery may take years... a lifetime, but thats not to mean that discoveries are inherant and blatent and tantamount to living itself. I truely believe that one should seek the inner trappings and portals of their true essence by carefully plodding through pages, however mundane it may seem at first,... writing on and on... eventually in the mesh of words, in the tapestry of apparent inconsistensies and neurotic ramblings, even inspired grocery lists! eventually one will touch upon the seed of self that had long been forgotten. The river of subconscious drives and motivations and fears and elations can indeed be chartered. It takes a bit of time, but one finds a brillaint world of possibilities, by the steady daily sometimes droning devotion to creating the sacred space by beggining their tale, by recording the pain, the want, the fear, the love... the sensations and coulours that render their life. The glory is there and when the source is tapped, healing waters springforth.

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