Sexual FAQ Index

Sexual FAQ Index. These were common questions from reader's e-mails, hopefully they will answer some of your...


Sexuality FAQs

These were common questions from reader's e-mails, hopefully they will answer some of your questions too.

Where is What?

There are 26 pages of FAQs. Look through the index to find your question and answer of interest. They are not categorized. Sorry. Hopefully in the near future they will be.

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 What is the difference between taking birth control pills and getting the birth control shot?

  I had some dried semen on my hand from my boyfriend. I may have gotten some on myself when I went to the bathroom. What is the probability that I could become pregnant from this?

  All of my friends have started having their periods before me, what can I do? I'm 14.

  Can I swim when I have my period?

  What do I do if I miss taking a birth control pill?

  What happens to pubic hair after you shave it off?

  Is It normal if my breasts are different sizes?

 Can I get pregnant if I have sex during my period?

  My left testicle is lower than my right one, is this normal?

Page 2

 What is an erection?

 Is It normal to get erections during the day?

  Can masturbating hurt me?

  Do you have to go to a doctor to get birth control? Do you have to be a certain age?

 Can I get pregnant from from giving oral sex to a guy?

  I'm a female about to have sex for the first time. I want to know, will sex hurt? Will there be blood?

Page 3

 What do I do when a condom tears?

  I heard about a pill that is for breast enlargement. Have you heard of this and can a pill work?

 Why does it hurt so much when I got kicked in the groin?

Page 4

  When do I need to see a gynecologist?

 Can having a Pap test during period effect the results?

 How many eggs does a woman have when she is born?

 What is "Torsion of the Testicle?"

  What can I do about recurring urinary tract infections (UTIs)?

Page 5

  Are vaginal secretions normal?

 If two people test HIV negative, can they give HIV to each other? What about virgins?

  How do I know if I'm gay?

 How do I heal a hickey as fast as possible?

  I heard that guys have a female part, is this true?

  We had sex with our clothes on, could I get pregnant?

 He "came" outside my vagina, could I be pregnant?

  Can I get HIV from kissing?

Page 6

 Where is my clitoris?

 I recently touched my girlfriend's vagina and I think my hand still had dried semen on it from (whatever). Could she get pregnant from this?

  I'm a 20-year-old female and have been with my boyfriend for about two years. We have had sex for over a year now and I am still unable to have an orgasm during sex with him. Is this normal?

  Me and my girlfriend are having a baby. She is in her fourth month, can we have sex or will it hurt the baby?

Page 7

 What is the Abortion Pill or RU-486?
Update: Plan B® is now over-the-counter in the USA. Find out more about it, so you know in case you ever need it. You must be age 18 or older to purchase it without a prescription, however.

  How old do I have to be to have an abortion in the United States?

Page 8

  I want to go on the birth control pill, but I'm nervous about the gynecological exam. Could you describe what it's like please?

  Why does a doctor have to touch my testicles?

  What is dry sex and can I get pregnant from it?

 I was wondering if masturbating will effect my period?

  Am I still a virgin if I use a tampon?

  What is a hymen anyway?

Page 9

  How and when do I use a home pregnancy test?

  What is a dental dam and how is it used. I don't mean when the dentist uses it.

  What is oral sex?

Page 10

  What is the difference between a male and female orgasm?

  I read that there were phases of an orgasm, is this true?

  How long does sperm live after ejaculation?

  Do condoms "dull" my boyfriend's sensations during sex? Every time he puts on a condom he says he loses sensation, is this true?

  Make sure to visit Condoms 101 and the Condom FAQ Pages.

  When my husband and I have sex, sometimes I feel too dry inside and often it hurts. There are times when I feel a pain in my belly when he is in too deep. What do do?

Page 11

  Is there a home HIV test and how can I get one?

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