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Sexual FAQs 19 - Condom Help. Sexual FAQs - Condom Help National Condom Day in the USA is ...

Sexual FAQs - Condom Help

National Condom Day in the USA is February 14th!   Use a condom EVERY time!


Q. Can I use Vaseline [or petroleum] as a lubricant with condoms? I read not to in here, but a friend said yes, he does it. Which is true?

A. NEVER EVER use an oil based lube with condoms!!! That means no Vaseline, handcreams, suntan lotion, etc., please read the labels when in doubt. These are made from petrol... as in the same family as gasoline! Using these WILL increase your chances of getting a vaginal infection since it just kind of "hangs around" after use AND oil-based lubs can destroy latex since they are made from a similar material.

Water soluble lubricants like KY Jelly, Glide, Aqualube, saliva, or even water are good lubricants to use with condoms. They are slippery so they even make sex a better experience for both people, or for yourself. The generic brands of these products cost a lot less and work well, by the way.

These can be bought online or in any chain drugstore or even large markets, usually sold in the same section as condoms now in the US.


Q. Condom is too tight, what to do?

I tried to use a condom -- (my first time) -- and it was too small. It only rolled up about one half of the way and it was very tight and painful. Is there any specific brand that I should use, I’m sure I put it on correctly.

A. Most condom manufactures now make “Large” size condoms. Trojan and Durex make them, others do too . Penises come in all different sizes and so now condoms do also. If you use a lubricant first, that will also make it easier to put on. Use a spermicidal lubricant for added protection.

A water-soluble lube of course, and it is safe to put the lube on your penis first before you put the condom on. You may want to practice by yourself first if you are embarrassed by this, but I think most people would understand this situation.


Q. Can I use a condom in a swimming pool or in a hot tub? (Or, in a lake)

A. Good question. First, I don't think chlorine and latex are a good combination for many reasons. Condoms are not tested in chlorinated water, so please don't take the risk of deterioration as chlorine may cause latex to deteriorate. Also, the water alone will wash off any spermicide on condoms with spermicide, never mind the heat of most hot tubs not being condom-friendly.

Second, chlorinated pool water or hot tub water may have bacteria in it that should not be 'transmitted' into the vagina. Third, water can seep between the condom and YOU and could cause the condom to break or slip off. (Yes, this has happened to several readers).

It may be seem romantic at the time, but save the sex until you are out of the pool or tub and rinsed off with water.


Q. Do condoms "dull" my boyfriend's sensations during sex? Every time he puts one on, he says he loses sensation, is this true?

A. I get this question a lot. It can take a while to get used to wearing a condom when you use a them for birth control or for STD protection. Some men report that they actually prefer using a condom because it dulls their sensations enough to slow down their urge to orgasm -- and make sex last longer. Others, like your B/F, say that they can't maintain an erection while wearing a condom because it desensitizes them or makes them feel entirely different sexual sensations.

After a while your B/F may no longer feel the difference between intercourse with or without the condom. Another suggestion is for you two to experiment with different kinds, brands and shapes of condoms. The thinner brands cost more, but are still just as effective and do provide for more sensation. Encourage him to experiment with different condoms, then you can make this a pleasant part of your sex together, not a burden.                                                                        Next >>

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