Sexually Transmitted Diseases: What Is Hepatitis?

What is hepatitis? It can come in many forms. Here are some ways to prevent it and ways to treat it.

Hepatitis is a disease caused by one of many things. There are many types of Hepatitis. In most cases it is caused by a viral or bacterial infection. Another cause could be from infestations of parasites, such as worms in the stomach. Chemicals, such as drugs or alcohol, could also be a strong cause. Also people that have immune problems or immune disorders are effected with Hepatitis more than any others.

A person could prevent getting any form of Hepatitis by having little or no contact with blood. People that require blood transfusions have little to worry about because the blood is screened. Any sexual contact should be closely watched. Anal sex is most dangerous for getting Hepatitis. Practicing safe sex, such as using condoms, is the best way to prevent getting it through sexual contact. Washing hands very frequently helps. Especially if working with raw meats or in a high germ area. Anti-bacterial soaps and lotions will help decrease the risk. Avoiding any IV drug use will decrease the risk greatly. Any form of drug use increases the risk because it wears down the immune system.

Certain symptoms can occur in having Hepatitis. Dark urine and feeling the need to go very frequently is a common symptom. Also having a loss of appetite or a vomiting

sensation could occur. An all over ill feeling, such as being aching and having an upset stomach could happen, in most cases does. Jaundice can occur, which makes the body

yellow all over. Also some abdominal pain could occur.

They symptoms typically go away after the liver is healed within one to two months. The liver is generally affected with Hepatitis. Seeking medical attention is very

important if a person thinks they have Hepatitis. If left untreated could cause fatal side effects.

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