How to Shape Broken China Into Pendants

By Lauren Vork

In most cases, broken pieces of china are nothing more than trash to be thrown away. However, this does not have to be the case; with the right tools, you can transform any sufficiently large piece into a jewelry pendant. Your friends and family may never even realize that the pendant you're wearing today was the china plate you broke yesterday.

List of Items Needed

  • Broken china
  • Scissors
  • Handheld rotary tool with a ceramic grinding accessory
  • Jewelry cap
  • Silicone glue
  1. Look for a piece large enough to encompass the pendant shape and design you want. Look at any remaining ceramic design on the ceramic and make sure you want to feature this portion of the design in your finished pendant.

  2. Draft a pattern piece for the pendant shape on paper with pencil, or print a shape using your computer (see Resources for some good pendant shapes). Cut out the paper piece.

  3. Place the paper pattern on the back of the ceramic scrap piece and trace it in pencil.

  4. Fit the rotary tool with a grinding accessory rated for ceramic (materials recommendations with bits are generally printed on the manufacturer's packaging). Turn on the tool and set it to a medium speed setting; adjust as you work if this seems too fast or too slow for you or for the piece you're working on.

  5. Grind around the outside of the ceramic scrap, working your way inward toward the outline you've sketched. Remove the material until only the outline shape is left.

  6. Taper the front edges of the china piece to round them using the grinding bit, creating a gradual curve from the front to the back.

  7. Attach the jewelry cap to the top of the ceramic piece with a dollop of silicone glue. Let the glue cure for 24 hours before stringing the pendant.

Tips and Warnings

  • Consider cutting a piece of ceramic to fit a stamped metal jewelry setting for a porcelain cabochon.
  • If using blank china pieces, paint designs of your own over the ceramic using enamel paint.
  • Always exercise caution when handling broken ceramic pieces; like glass, they can cut your skin with sharp edges.

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