How To Shape Your Eyebrows Without Waxing

How to groom and shape your eyebrows without plucking or waxing and avoiding costly salon visits all by yourself. Shaping and sculpting tips.

Finally, there is a new way to shape our brows without setting an appointment for the salon. Not that the salon does not do a fine job, they do, and at a fee of $10 to $20 they will. Waxing has been the best way of grooming our brows to date-being easier and more efficient than plucking. Plus it is a method men will even partake of. It can be hard for some of us to keep up with the expenses and time involved.

If you go the route of salon waxing, or sculpting as some call it, you will be visiting every two weeks. This is the suggested upkeep recommended by most salons. However, it could be more frequent than this if you are blessed with bushy ones. Some of us just seem to get so frustrated with this upkeep we simply shave them off. We find out quickly that this just gives way to another daily chore. We now have to draw them back in everyday which defeats the purpose. So, what other options do we have?

Here was one suggestion, tattoo them on permanently! This may not be a bad idea until we are asked, "What color?" Obviously we want the color we have now. But what if we decide to change our hair color-we would have the wrong color brows. Well, there is always the hair removal methods performed by laser. But if the salon visits are getting costly we will have to forget about the laser treatment for now. Additionally, anything permanent offers no flexibility in the future even though they are far more convenient. You never know if uni-brows become the in-style and there you would be perfectly pressed and arched.

Brow Razors:

At least we can say we have a few options now and as time goes on we will have even more. Including this new addition, the eyebrow razor. Of course it is a "spin-off" of the old shaving method that creates stubble and what not but it is inexpensive, reliable, and flexible. It is also not permanent. These were first introduced on some of the style and fashion networks on television. One particular model was being demonstrated during a makeover on a young man. Needless to say both men and women can utilize this device. They have been difficult to locate up until recently. You can normally find them at most beauty supply stores here and there, generally larger independant ones. They are disposable and normally come three to a package for a cost of roughly $3.50. There are more expensive non-disposable models that cost around $20.00. However the feedback has been positive with these disposable versions. In addition, it is a good start to purchase the lesser expensive version until you see whether you like it or not. The device itself is simple, nothing to assemble. They look similiar to those hand held dental-flossers used for our teeth except for a single edged ribbed razor.

Basic Styling Tips:

It is operated by using the same technique as used with a standard razor. Using single even strokes in the opposing direction of the hair growth. Men will be especially proficient at that technique. Start slowly as these razors are sharp, you don't want a stripe going through your eyebrows unless you are looking for a certain pop-star look. Cosmetologists say that the majority of brow shaping and sculpting is done by removing hair growth from the bottom, not the top. So, start by getting rid of all the 'strays' with even strokes and then start shaping. Begin from the bottom of the brow at the outer edge moving towards the nose. By removing hair growth in this area it will open up the eye making it more visible and pronounced. You control the width of the brow either making it thinner or leaving it as is, but cleaner. By removing the strays this will in-it-self make a big difference. If you want a really clean and impeccably groomed look, shave evenly along the bottom edge and follow the natural arch of your brow. This will thin the brow out dramatically. It does take a little practice at first but you get the hang of it quickly. Lastly, you can clean up the top brow-taking care not to remove very much hair. Keep the same outline.

You will have to do periodic touch-ups depending upon how fast and thick your hair grows. Some people find they only have to do this every couple of weeks. Others find it more frequent-every week. So, it may not be the perfect solution for everybody. But it is a nifty little advent to avoid waxing (or for those touch-ups in between waxing) until you save up the funds for the laser treatments if you so desire. Maybe by then the uni-brow will be in style. Now that would raise a few brows.

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