Shopping Online For Large Appliances

Tips and advice for shopping online for large appliances - a convenient way to compare features and price differences.

With online shopping a common day occurrence for more and more purchases, buying large appliances online was just the next logical step.

Whether in the market for a washer, dryer, freezer, range, refrigerator, trash compactor, dishwasher, or other large appliance, you can use the Internet for price and feature comparisons, or for the complete purchase strategy, including setup and installation.

One useful feature available at many online merchants is the option to sort your search by price: If your budget will only allow you to spend five hundred dollars, and you are need of a refrigerator, set your search to show you only those units that are available at that price or less.

An online shopping expedition also has the added advantage of providing information for an item you know little about, such as features you may want or need. One example would be if you were specifically looking to purchase a washer and had no clue as to brand or features desired. Online, you would be able to check manufacturer, overall dimensions, whether washer in questions was a top load or front load, cubic capacity, tub construction, control features such as LCD screens, energy star compliancy, finish including color, and price, plus any other pertinent information you could think of. While online, you could also check prices amongst the competition more thoroughly than shopping a traditional walk-in style store. The legwork saved would be phenomenal.

Where to Shop Online

Where to shop online for a purchase that may cost anywhere from several hundred dollars upward to the thousands, is often a major question. Start by considering the online versions of stores such as Lowe's, Home Depot, and Sears.

Other merchants online, such as Overstock, may also offer huge savings. It pays to check out these alternative sources once you know what you are looking for, as prices are often good, but selection may be limited.

Online auctions, such as Ebay, also offer shopping choices for large appliances. Follow all the regular rules when going the auction route, including checking, and double-checking the sellers rating, asking any and all questions before placing a bid, and considering all transportation issues well in advance. Buying any item of considerable expense sight unseen always has risks involved. Be sure you are prepared to deal with any issues that may arise from such a transaction.

Many stores also offer deals, coupons, and percents off available only to online shoppers. If you are within driving distance of an online store's brick and mortar counterpart, it often pays to shop their online equivalent. You save through their online deals, and you can often pick up your purchase at a local store, saving you shipping charges that may otherwise apply.

Shipping and Installation Charges

On the subject of shipping, always consider this charge when purchasing a large item such as an appliance. The price can vary greatly from one store to another, often making the decision to purchase from one outlet to another an easy choice. Shipping descriptions also vary greatly, so make sure you understand what you are paying for. Curbside delivery is exactly what it sounds like. The item will be delivered off the delivery truck onto the curb at your address. You will need to make separate arrangements to have it transported to the inside of your house. If an item requires installation, inquire before making the purchase what, if any, available options there are and what the actual costs will be.

Brand Names and Features

If you know a brand name that you are interested in, such as GE, Maytag, or Hotpoint, you can narrow your search by those specifications. You can also compare features from one unit to another on many larger websites. For example, Home Depot's website will allow you to check a box by those appliances that you are interested in comparing. Once you have marked your choices you will be directed to another page that has a feature-by-feature comparison of the products you chose to compare.

Shopping online has come a long way from a few short years ago. Once considered a novelty way to buy and trade small items, it is now proving to be a convenient way to shop for nearly any consumer good desired.

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