Shopping In Rochester, Minnesota

Shopping in Rochester, Minnesota. Shopping in and around Rochester, MN includes an avenue of antiques shops, the Apache Mall, and the Mall of the Americas. We have several shopping districts as I would call...

We have several shopping districts as I would call them. The biggest one and most visible is the Apache Mall right downtown connected by the skyway and pedestrian subway. There are over 50 shops and interesting stores and then there are another 100 stores outside of the skyway system. Interestingly enough, we also have an avenue of antiques. We have a lot of interesting retail stores from jewelry to apparel to boutiques and artist consignment stores. A lot of people come here on the weekend just to peruse the shops and get away. For visitors who come for an extended period of time, I would certainly suggest the one hour trip north to the Mall of America. That's kind of a must see especially if you are from out of state.

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