Shops Just For Plus Size Clothing

This article lists some common national chains that have plus size clothing shops for women.

The spring fashions are all in the stores, and they're all in a size 8. Hardly worth shopping for the plus size woman when all the stores have are clothing for average women. Where are clothes we can wear? What's available for us? Finally, designers and manufacturers have awakened to the fact that not all of us are a perfect size 8, and need attractive clothing in our size. Finally, double-knit pants and the muumuu have gone the way of the dodo bird. Beautiful clothes are available in plus sizes. Most of them are found in shops that cater to plus size women. And thankfully, these shops are becoming more common, and more are being built every day. Even established stores are adding plus size lines and stores. Hallelujah!

Most towns of any size will have one of these stores: Catherine's, Added Dimensions or Lane Bryant. All of these shops sell plus size clothing exclusively. They sell everything a plus size woman is likely to need, from casual wear, to formal, to underwear and hosiery. Swimsuits, raincoats, handbags and jewelry also form inventory in these stores.

Lane Bryant is one of the older chains and has begun recently to target its clothing to a younger, hipper audience. This means that the clothing is a little slimmer in line, and more trendy. A 30-something woman looking for something to wear to the office may not have much luck. The Lane Bryant stores also seem to have sizes that are geared toward taller women. A shorter woman will need to try on pants and tops, to make sure they are not too long in the leg and sleeves. Lane Bryant does have a sizable lingerie department, but their sizes are somewhat more limited. They stop at sizes 26/28.

Added Dimensions, like Lane Bryant, is often found in malls, although they have free-standing stores as well. They also offer a wide range of clothing, focusing mostly on career wear, with a good line of formals. Not quite as widespread as Lane Bryant, Added Dimensions is still fairly common and their clothing is of good quality.

Catherine's is probably the best choice for the plus size woman who is looking for casual wear that is more appropriate for the 30-something and up woman. This store carries sizes past 28W and usually has a year-round selection of basics, such as T-shirts and knit pants or shorts. They also offer career wear, formals, lingerie, hosiery, swimwear and lines by designers like Liz Claiborne. Catherine's stores are becoming more common and are usually found in strip malls.

August Max Woman and Talbot's Woman are the plus size version of these popular women's stores. These are upscale stores, usually found in malls in larger cities, and their clothing is upscale, as well. A plus size woman looking for something really special is likely to find it in one of these shops. They also carry designer names and even though the prices may be correspondingly expensive, a plus size woman can find a wide variety of clothing that is beautiful and of great quality. Cato and Fashion Bug also have a plus size "side" in their stores, and these are good places to shop for basics, and to find something a bit trendy at a lower price.

Most of these stores have charge account programs, as well as an Internet presence, so a woman can see the kinds of clothing they have available, as well as find a store near their city. Some, like Catherine's and Lane Bryant, have online ordering available, which is great if a store isn't in the area.

There are other local and regional shops available that may carry plus sizes, but the aforementioned stores are the most common ones, and the ones a woman is most likely to find in her area.

Plus size shops are making their presence known in more and more cities across the country. A plus size woman can now stop shopping in discount stores and the limited department store sections, and can find a shop that specializes in her needs and provides beautiful clothing, as well. It's a great innovation.

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