Short Hair Cut Style Recommendations For Naturally Curly Hair

Play up your naturally curly hair with a daring short hair style.

Are you frustrated with the style of your curly hair because it's been the same since high school?Have you ever wanted a Princess Diana but gotten a Little Orphan Annie? Does it seem that every hair magazine and website is focused on how to cut straight hair?There are options for you, just remember the key: layers, layers, layers.

The first step is to decide on the texture of your curl.Remember, the shorter your hair, the tighter the curl.

Does your hair form tiny, tight ringlets that have a tendency to frizz?Does it break easily?You probably have delicate ethnic hair. This type of hair often looks gorgeous as natural as possible in a short cut.Try a chin length afro with layers cut in to reduce hair's bulk.The best way to style this cut is with plenty of gel and air-drying.

Do your curls form bigger ringlets or waves?This type of curl looks good in a multi-layered bob anywhere from shoulder length to chin length.The graduated layers serve to keep away the dreaded "triangle head" that we, as curly-haired girls, desperately fear. To style this cut, try a curl defining mousse or gel and diffuse dry without separating the curls with your fingers. The more you touch your curls, the frizzier they will become. Finish with a shine spray for glossy curls!

For the boldest among us, try a very short style that creates a halo of curls around your head. This is the perfect cut to highlight a long neck and delicate features. This style looks beautiful on oval faces, as round or square faces will be broadened by it.Leave the tendrils in front long to scrunch up or flatten, creating new looks within the same style.This cut is easily styled with a small amount of curling crème or frizz fighter and a diffuser on low power.

One of the best things you can do to play up your curls in a short style is highlighting it.Highlighting curly hair allows it to be broken up so that each curl can be seen.Curly hair often seems less bulky after it has been highlighted. It is best to go to a professional to get highlights for the first time because they have to be shaped to maximize the effect.Highlights often have to be broader in curly hair to show up. Picking a color one to two shades lighter than your overall hair color will define your curls and look very natural.

A key to being happy with a short, curly haircut is to trust your hairstylist.Do you dislike what the person who cuts your hair typically does?Find a new stylist.Ask your curly-haired friends for recommendations.Call salons and ask if their stylists have been trained to deal with curly hair, specifically.Do your research, and you will be more likely to like the result.

Cutting curly hair short allows you to embrace and celebrate your curls.Let them be wild, you would be surprised how many envy your unique hair. Short

hair also gives the wearer more options.It is much easier to straighten short hair occasionally than it is long hair. Invest in a flat-iron for occasional use. It is time to get out of your hair rut and be daring.Show off those gorgeous curls!

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