Short Hair Styles: Vintage 1920S Hair Ideas Adapted For Modern Use

The bob is a versatile hairstyle to fit into any decade. It's been modernized for men and women; trendy and traditional. With a plethora of hair products and accessories, creativity is achieved to fit any style of the bob.

The bob made its debut in the Roaring Twenties. Young women throughout the United States went to their local barbers to get this rebellious cut; which took the accepted waist-long hair to shorter lengths---up to the chin---for women. Now, with cosmetologists getting expert training and attending hair shows in major cities, the bob has taken on a modern look that continues to revolutionize each era that the cut is shaped on men and women's heads.

Since the 1920's the bob has been popular. It takes various styles from a more wavy style in the 1930's to a more coiffured-look in the 1960's. Right now, women are getting dramatic bobs that include bold chunks of color, super-short bangs, and part of the head shaved in the back. Further, women and girls can get Dutch boy looks with stiff front bangs, parting the bob down the middle, and flipping the ends, after the hair has been texturized, to give the cut a flirty look. Bobs can be styled with layering or without layering; depending a lot on hair type and the style that is desired.

Bobs are not just for girls and women. They are also for guys. From bowl cuts to skateboarder-type cuts, bobs are fashionable for guys, too. Boys and men can get highlights or chunks added into their hair for flair as well as longer pieces of hair thinned out in the front and sides for a more masculine tone. For a more professional look, a bowl cut, with even side pieces and long sideburns, can set the pace for a more metro-professional look.

Hair products such as gums, waxes, pastes, mousses, and other types of styling gels line the aisles at drugstores, grocery chains, and beauty salons. The type of look that you want depends on the type of product that you buy. Also, if you hair is thin, straight, curly, oily, or normal plays a part in what type of hair product that you buy because of the effect is based on hair type as well as hair cut. For example, styling waxes work well for people with curly hair to hold the curls in dramatic fashion; while a root booster helps to add body to a bob with baby-fine hair.

Finally, you can spruce up your "˜do by putting hair accessories such as headbands, barrettes, hair combs, and jeweled bobby pins to hold back bangs or to add dramatic flair at the top of your head. Additionally, hair jewelry and headscarves can either hold back the longer pieces of your bob at the side of your head, or to push up the stacked pieces in the back to decorate your style for a night on the town.

Bobs have come a long way since the Roaring Twenties when the bob made its debut. It set the mode for short hair in women. The bob has been transformed from a cut done by barbers to standardized hairstyles for modern men, women, and children done by professional stylists. The sky's the limit to the length, style, and hair products that you use to create the modern bob.

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