Should You Take Back A Cheating Girlfriend?

Many factors go into a woman cheating, just as many factors should be considered if you want to take her back.

Discovering infidelity in a relationship is a very painful thing. It usually leads to questioning one's self and one's worth. Working through feelings of hurt, anger and betrayal are difficult and sometimes impossible. How can one determine if staying together, or taking back a cheating girlfriend is a good idea? There are several factors to consider when thinking about taking back a cheating girlfriend.

The Cheating

The actual affair that your girlfriend had is important in deciding whether to take her back. A one-night stand can be categorized as a mistake, and thus forgivable. A year long love affair is more serious, because her heart was involved. If her heart can become involved with another man once, can it happen again?

One might also want to think about the amount of lies told to keep a long affair going. A long time affair consists of constant manipulation and continuous lies. Can you have a trusting relationship after such a deep level of deceit? Will there be the complete trust needed to have a positive relationship? Many men can not trust a woman who has sexually betrayed them. Their hostility may be played out in a controlling manner.A controlling man and a remorseful woman make for an emotionally abusive relationship. It is better to leave a woman alone, than to engage in an unhealthy and hostile relationship.

Some men can accept a relationship better than a one-night stand. If you are the type of man that views a one night stand as worst than a relationship, then taking back a girlfriend who cheated in that manner will never work. Respect has been lost for her and will affect your future relationship. If one is an old-fashioned man or a sexually reserved man, then taking back a cheating girlfriend is unproductive. Your moral standing will not allow you to forgive her for the indiscretion. Without forgiveness, moving forward is impossible.

There are certain situations when one should never take back a cheating girlfriend. If your girlfriend cheats with a friend of yours, she has no shame and is likely to do almost anything. If you take her back, you shall appear desperate, and your mental competency will be questioned. Your friend is also a loser, and should be disposed of accordingly.

If your girlfriend cheated with a family member, then she has no morals and any type of betrayal is possible for this type of woman. Worse than that, if a woman becomes pregnant from an affair, a man should never take her back. This is positive evidence of high risk sexual behavior that can lead to the spread of life threatening diseases. A man should remove himself from a woman who leads such a risky lifestyle. She is willing to endanger herself and her partners.

Should a woman be involved in a lesbian affair but deny her true sexual orientation, do not take her back. The reason to steer clear of her is her confusion. She is in denial about her sexual orientation including same sex attraction. She may be with you or any other man only as part of her denial. Eventually she may acknowledge her bisexuality or lesbianism, and leave you. You run the risk of being hurt due to her confusion. Save yourself, and don't take her back.

The reasons why the woman cheated are important in determining whether to take her back or not. If she cheated for companionship, couple counseling may resolve the issues between a couple.

If she cheated for sex, then sexual therapy may be an option worth exploring. If there is a physical problem, then consult your primary care physician or an urologist to see if there is a disease or injury that needs medical treatment. There are prescription drugs to enhance sexual libido and performance in a man.

Many factors go into a woman cheating, just as many factors should be considered if you want to take her back. Place yourself in a position of strength and forgiving. If you still harbor bitter feelings, or feel victimized don't take her back and assist in an encore production of " The Cheater".

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