What Should I Know Before Visiting A Day Spa?

What should I know before visiting a day spa? Always arrive early for an appointment with a day spa, specify whether you want a male or female massage therapist, and don't feel that being naked is mandatory.

The everyday grind has a way of catching up with people. No matter how hard we try to keep our affairs in order, something will eventually come along that is totally unexpected and unforeseen. In addition, these unexpected occurrences never seem to drop by, make their mark and go on never to be seen again. But instead, it always seems like a never ending pile that just keeps getting bigger.

A lot of people deal with everyday stress in several different ways. One of the more popular ways to deal with the grind for most people is by having a relaxing day at a day spa. Day spas are establishments built on the premise of relaxation and comfort. They offer their patrons a full day of relaxing services that include manicures, pedicures, massages, body exfoliations and many other pampering services.

But since its beginnings, the impressions of day spas have always been that of glamour and glitz. Day spas have long been known as a place where the elegant wives of the big-time lawyers, doctors and accountants would spend their time becoming even more beautiful than when they first came in. But as a lot of consumers are beginning to find out, visiting a day spa is no longer a high society adventure.

Victoria Boscarino is a licensed massage therapist who has been involved in day spas for more than 10 years now. She currently is the manager and director of Amadeus Spas for the Napa Valley Marriott Hotel and Spa in Napa, California. Boscarino said that a lot of potential clients would be more willing to give day spas a try if they knew exactly what to expect before hand.

"One of things that we stress is making sure you arrive on time," Boscarino said. "In other words, if your appointment is for 4 o'clock, don't arrive at 4 o'clock. Try to arrive about a half hour before. Most spas will have a policy about arriving 30 minutes or 20 minutes prior to your appointment. Arriving late usually means that you are going to cheat yourself out of treatment time."

"If there is any apprehension, for example, you are male and feel uncomfortable being massaged by a male therapist, make it known when you register," she said. "A lot of spas because of discrimination laws don't want to ask that question. They want to try to employ their male therapists as much as they employ their female therapists. If you are a first time visitor, just ask for a female therapist. In general, men tend to feel more comfortable with a female touch than a male touch."

"One of the most lingering questions for somebody who is new to the spa environment is whether they need to be naked for a massage," she said. "I would say that the best option for massage is to be completely naked. You are always covered under a sheet, so exposure is at a minimum and certainly your private parts are completely covered at all times. If you will feel totally uncomfortable naked, don't let it deter you from receiving a treatment. You can always keep your underwear on, and the therapist will work around that."

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