How Should A Beginner Start A New Workout Program?

How should a beginner start a new workout program? Tips and techniques for the beginner getting started with a new workout program. Probably the best way for a beginner to start a new workout regiment and...

Probably the best way for a beginner to start a new workout regiment and what most clubs are doing these days, when you come in and you sign up for a membership some clubs give you a free personal training consultation. Basically you sit down with a personal trainer and, if that trainer is any good, he is going to ask a few questions like what are your goals. That's a question I always ask my clients because I want to see what they're realistically looking for or at least what their goals are. Then, from there, try to figure out where they are physically, what their weight is, their age and any medical conditions they may be dealing with. From that it's just a matter of coming up with the customized program or beginning workout regiment for somebody if they are new to fitness. Perhaps even taking it as far as going to an intermediate workout or maybe even advanced, if they get to that point. And then the whole idea is just to monitor their process all along the way. That's really the value of a good personal trainer.

You can do this on your own, but I think it is a little bit harder. If somebody has not really been involved with fitness for a while when you start to train you get a little bit more in touch with your body. The more you train the more that becomes a natural process. At some point, you get to where you listen to your body knowing the amount of reps each day, amount of weights and how you feel the next day or the day after that. Do you have DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) or are you fine. Athletes learn over time that they need to listen to their body and that's what anybody who is starting out an athletic program is going to be learning in a fitness program.

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