Why Should I Build An Outdoor Fireplace?

Why should I build an outdoor fireplace? Outdoor fireplaces are a great idea, as long as it is made out of the right material. Metal stoves or furnaces are not recommended for outdoor fireplaces for weather-proofing purposes.

It's rarely a metal fireplace because they tend not to be weather resistant.

Outdoors is a great place for any radiant heating fireplace. It heats the same way with the same wavelength and so it could be 50 degrees but quite pleasant absorbing the radiant heat from a fireplace or an infrared heater. So fireplaces are great for extending the hour and the season of an outdoor living space -that's the big advantage.

If you compare that with a stove or a furnace or any device that heats air of course you can see that wouldn't work; the air heated would just dissipate and not be useful at all. You have to have a radiant heater to be able to make people feel comfortable with cooler air temperatures.

I don't know that there is any disadvantage to outdoor fireplaces. In a breeze, any fireplace can be made to smoke. So if there is a disadvantage - maybe the fireplace smokes more than a gas fire or infrared heater but the chimney has more ambiance.

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