Should A Business Start With One Employee And Then Grow From There?

Should a business start with one employee and then grow from there? Learn the difference between sole proprietorships and self employment. Many, many, many businesses are what we call sole proprietorship....

Many, many, many businesses are what we call sole proprietorship. It's not quite the same as self employed, because someone who is self-employed can also employ other people. The sole proprietorship is basically "it's my business." Now, it's not a bad way to start out, because you eliminate some of overhead cost of personnel and space issues and that's the way many businesses start out and many businesses remain. There is a huge number of sole proprietorships in this country that comprise small businesses. It's a matter of choice. It's the matter of the type of industry. It would be easier for someone who is in the retail or service business to be a sole proprietor than someone who is going to be in construction or manufacturing.

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