Why Should I Buy Metal Roofing Tiles?

Why should I buy metal roofing tiles? It has been made easy for contractors to be able to sell metal roofing tile products to consumers. There are many reasons to choose metal roofing tiles including their...

There are many reasons to choose metal roofing tiles including their durability, resistance to the elements, their long life spans, and easy installation. ATAS Roofing Company offers five patented metal roofing tiles in a variety of styles and profiles. Marketing Coordinator Tina Montone explains the benefits of choosing a metal roofing tile like the ones offered by ATAS.

"The thing that makes ATAS panels different from other metal roofing manufacturers is that we have a wide variety of different metal roofing profiles. We offer five different shingles. If people are looking to imitate a clay tile, we were able to provide that for them in metal. If they are looking to imitate wood or an asphalt shingle we were able to provide that as well, but in a metal material."

ATAS Roofing offers a wide variety of metal roofing materials for both low and steep sloped roofs and in panels, shingles, and tiles. For low slope roofs (minimum ½:12) the company provides either the 2 inch Field Locked Structural Standing Seam panel or the 2 - 3/8 inch Field Locked Structural Standing Seam panel. Both are double locked panel systems and are installed with concealed clips. The panels are also available in either smooth or embossed textures in 29 colors ranging from red, green, and teal to basic brown and black shades. You can also choose from aluminum, galvanized steel, or copper.

For more steeply sloped roofs the options are even greater. There are several choices under the three categories of panels, shingles, and tiles. Panels include the Monarch Series Batten Seam or Dutch Seam, 1 inch Double Locked Traditional Architectural Seam, the Grand Series, and PC Systems Snap-On Seam. Shingles include the Advanta shingle, the Castle Shake shingle, the Bermuda shingle, the Permashake shingle, and the Standing Seam shingle. Tile choices include Granutile, Scan Roof, and Technotile. Panels offer the most economical choice for metal roofs. With the tile and shingle designs metal roofing can simulate the appearance of other roofing materials.

The Advanta shingle has the look of a traditional asphalt shingle and is available in 16 colors and is made from 29 gauge steel. The Castle Top shingle is a diamond shaped shingle that offers a unique look and is available in 29 colors plus the choice of aluminum, zinc, or copper. The Permashake shingles achieve the look of wood shingles without the maintenance requirements of wood. The Granutile option provides the look of stone tile and is actually coasted with crushed stone chips. ScanRoof tiles have scalloped edges and provide a Northern European look available in 26 colors and made of galvanized steel. Technotile simulated Spanish clay tile with its "S' shaped configuration and is available in 29 colors with the choice of aluminum or steel.

With so much variety to choose from, consumers can see why metal roofing has been increasing in popularity. Montone reiterates all the advantages of metal roofing.

"If you compare it to each of the other roofing materials, metal comes out on top. Concrete tile is heavier than metal and can damage the home whereas metal is paneled so it is fastened a lot better. They are not as dangerous if they do come off the roof, which is very unlikely. Metal also doesn't have the combustion factor of regular wood and won't catch on fire."

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