How Should I Clean The Bathtub Mat And How Often?

How should I clean the bathtub mat and how often? Learn how often you should clean your bathtub mats. Using a rubber tub mat in the shower or bathtub is a great way to prevent slips and falls when showering...

Using a rubber tub mat in the shower or bathtub is a great way to prevent slips and falls when showering or bathing. It is, however, one additional item that needs to be cleaned when attending to the chore of cleaning the bathroom. Whether you have an ordinary bathtub mat or one of the newer types with anti-bacterial properties, you still must clean it regularly to remove and prevent mildew from forming. A tub mat with mildew is less than worthless,it's actually dangerous,because it can become more slippery than the surface of the tub itself. So it is important to properly maintain your bathtub mat.

Melissa Briones, owner of Melissa's House Cleaning in Lawton, Oklahoma, says that the best way to clean a bathtub mat is to "spray it down with a soap scum cleaner like Tilex and wipe it off and rinse it clean." This is probably the fastest and most efficient way to clean the mat, because you will be cleaning it right along with the tub and the rest of your bathroom. However, if you'd like, you can also wash the bathtub mat in the washing machine. If you do this, be sure to wash the mat along with a few heavy towels. As the washing machine agitates the water, the towels will scrub at the mat, breaking up and removing built up soil and mildew. Do not put your bathtub mat in the dryer. You can best dry it by either allowing it to drip-dry by standing it up in the bathtub or by allowing it to dry outside in the fresh air.

Briones recommends that you clean your bathtub mat every week, just as you would your bathtub or shower stall. Then, to help maintain the cleanliness of your bathtub mat once it is cleaned, allow it to dry thoroughly after each bath or shower. If the mat is left sitting in collected pools of water it will quickly develop mold and mildew. If it is allowed to dry after each use, you should find the once-a-week cleaning to be quite easy. As with most cleaning tasks, the longer you wait, the more difficult it becomes and the more scrubbing you will have to do in order to achieve a proper level of cleanliness.

For additional protection against mold and mildew, there are certain products available, such as Arm & Hammer Clean Shower, that you can spray on your mat and other shower surfaces immediately after showering or bathing. These products create a protective barrier that keep mold and mildew from attaching to surfaces. They also cause the water to bead up, which encourages the water to roll off the surfaces, therefore allowing them to dry faster.

Cleaning your bathtub mat may seem like an unnecessary chore, but regular cleanings will prevent mildew from building up and spreading on to the surface of your tub, which in turn can make more frequent cleanings necessary. Don't make cleaning a bigger task than it needs to be. Clean regularly, and the task remains easy.

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