How Should I Clean And Store Crystal?

How should I clean and store crystal? If specific cleaning and storing methods are followed carefully, crystal can last generations. There are a few things to remember with crystal. First of all avoid dishwashers...

There are a few things to remember with crystal. First of all avoid dishwashers at all costs, which is always good to hear about, it's the best thing to do. It should be really washed one piece at a time in warm soapy water using a mild soap or a hand washing liquid and then it should be air dried in other words either with a towel or left to dry in a rack, but do not dry it again in a dishwasher with a hot air cycle. There can be buildups of soap or kind of a cloudiness on the surface of crystal and using vinegar, something like vinegar, it actually help clean that off with a cloth and then drying it after that. There are also some tricks for doing that with a decanter or something has a very small entrance. Rice can be put inside with the vinegar mix and shake it around to actually clean the interior of an item, and then empty that and obviously rinsed. The other important thing with crystal is how it's stored. Particularly with stemware the rim of a piece is the most delicate part. So, we never want to put a glass upside down, rim down on the surface because that's just most delicate part so even when you are drying it on a draining board or when you store it in a cupboard you want to put it... rim up as you would on the table using it to serve and also making sure that you leave enough space around each rim because that's where you can chip or crack rims when putting them close together. The crystal in itself is very durable and certainly can be used everyday; I don't think we intend our products not to be used. I don't think we intend for them to be put away only for display, we want them to be used everyday for enjoyment. The only things are to make sure to take particular care when cleaning and storing it, but other than that its very usable.

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